Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

UKM's T.E.R.A.S Value

T.E.R.A.S and Kebitaraan is a new narrative that displays the role of national universities that belong to its citizens and the entire community. Indeed, this new T.E.R.A.S purple is intended to enable UKM citizens to make references and guide the direction of the university in an effort to increase achievement to the highest level. The meaning of CORE includes Talent, Ethics, Revitalize, Agile and Soul and it becomes the crimson that overshadows the 5 virtues of Watan, i-Minda, Holistic, Digital and Prihatin.

Under these five initiatives there are 25 initiatives that form the basis for UKM to draw up strategic plans and work actions in addition to determining its main achievement index. Based on the essence that includes the CORE value and the element of innovation, there are two main agendas or goals that must be achieved by UKM citizens, namely the Marketability of Graduates and Income Generation.

T.E.R.A.S UKM Strategic Plan Book 2021 - 2025

FKAB Strategic Plan Book 2021 - 2025

Second Edition

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