Related Forms

Please download the appropriate forms. Each application must have :

1)UKMAEC FORM Category 1 OR Category 2


2) Borang Saringan UKMAEC


Borang Saringan Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori 2-BO04

Borang-Permohonan-UKMAEC-Kategori-1-BO01 Semakan 03

Borang-Permohonan-UKMAEC-Kategori-2-BO03 Semakan 03

Borang Saringan Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori 1-BO02


For Bioserasi UKM, Please use this Borang Permohonan Ujian Toksisiti UKM-UKMAEC-BO05  for Toxicity Study application.


Reference : Please click Senarai Semak UKMAEC Semakan 02

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