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Letter of Intent (LoI) Signing Ceremony between CITRA-UKM – MPM

SDG: 4 & 17 A letter of intent between the School of Liberal Studies UKM (CITRA-UKM) and the Malaysian Examination Council (MPM) was held on

MoU Exchange between UNITEN and UKM

SDG: 4, 7 & 17 The National Energy Limited (TNB) in the first round hosted “The Energy Transition Conference 2023” on August 28 and 29,

A Visit to Qis Studio

Date: 4 August 2023 (Monday) Location: Qis Studio, Kajang Selangor. A CITRA-UKM visit to Qis Studio was made on August 4. The CITRA-UKM delegation represented

Indexed Journal Publication Workshop (2nd Series)

Date       : 14 July 2023Venue    : Citra Meeting Room, Citra University Study CenterSpeaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Kim Hua, Visiting Scholar,

Surau Bangi Perdana – CITRA-UKM Cooperation

SDG: 4 & 17 Date: 26 July 2023 (Wednesday) Time: 2.30 PM Venue: Bilik Serambi CITRA UKM Purpose: to discuss on the further cooperation between

Graduate Student Research Proposal Examination Report Presentation 2

21 July 2023. The Graduate Committee, UKM Pusat Pengajian Citra Universiti (School of Liberal Studies)(PPCU), UKM held a session on the 2nd Presentation of the Examination