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Benchmarking Visit to CELPAD, UIAM

Benchmarking Visit to CELPAD, UIAM

On 6 December 2023 (Wednesday), the English Language Unit of Citra Centre for Liberal Studies UKM (PPCU) conducted a benchmarking visit to Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD), International Islamic University in Gombak. A total of 16 English Language staff, headed by Dr. Normazidah Che Musa, the English Language Coordinator, joined the entourage.

The benchmarking visit, held for the first time with CELPAD, aims towards creating a platform for sharing best practices in English Language curriculum design and administration, teaching and learning approaches and assessment. It also targets to build a synergy between the two departments particularly in the development of English Language teaching and learning.

The Deputy Director, Dr. Liza Abdullah and the Head of English Language Department, Dr. Khairul Abu Sufi, together with the English Language academic staff welcomed the team from Citra. We were given a tour of the CELPAD Independent Language Learning Centre (CILLC) and briefed on the English Language curriculum and courses offered to IIU students. The Citra team also introduced PPCU and the English Language curriculum structure and the courses.

At the end of the visit, both parties agreed to have further communication to seek ideas for future collaborations.

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