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PESISTRA Leadership Camp

PESISTRA Leadership Camp

SDG: 3 & 4

On 10 to 12 November 2023, National University of Malaysia’s Citra Student Association (Pesistra) had undergone the Pesistra Leadership Training Camp Session 23/24 at the CITRA UKM and UKM’s Tanjung Karang Training Centre. This leadership training camp is filled with various slots and activities covering various aspects of leadership. Among the slots carried out are HEP Joint Slots for Pesistra Activity Management and Istar System. This slot helps to provide Pesistra members with an understanding of Pesistra’s activity management strategy. Next, the Bursar’s Slot for Fund Management focuses on financial management skills and the responsibilities of Pesistra members in managing funds for Pesistra’s activities. Then, the Lecturer Partnership Slot by Dr. Maharam who shared her knowledge and experience in the context of leadership.

This can include aspects of leadership theory, current challenges, and practical tips for becoming an effective leader. In addition, the Sharing Slot by the President and Vice President of Pesistra Session 22/23 and Session 23/24 as well as the Secretary-General and Honorary Treasurer of Session 21/22 provide a unique view of the challenges and discuss the scope of duties and responsibilities of Pesistra members in more detail. Finally, the camp was also participated by the Slot of Leisure Activities and Group Activities which were carried out to foster the spirit of cooperation in a relaxed environment and enable the participants to interact positively. This activity practices leadership, problem-solving and challenge skills that enable participants to collaborate and develop strong relationships in the context of group work.

It is hoped that this camp will help Pesistra members to have a better understanding on the scope of their duties & responsibilities as well as encourage and motivate Pesistra members to move forward in the future.

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