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Sharing of Module ‘Know Your Medicine’ from Serdang Hospital Pharmacist

Sharing of Module ‘Know Your Medicine’ from Serdang Hospital Pharmacist

SDG: 3 & 4

7 November 2023

The Natural Products Benefits & Risks Course LMCR1572 is a course that uses part of the Know Your Medicine (Kenali Ubat Anda) Module, Ministry of Health Malaysia. In this regard, a sharing module entitled Registration of Medicines, Supplements & Cosmetics was made by Puan Jasmin A/P Sam Retnam Deniel who is a Pharmacist of Hospital Serdang to 120 students who enrolled in this course. This course is taught by Dr. Wardah Mustafa Din & Dr Yusnaini Md.Yusoff. Among the main points explained to the students are the importance of checking the registration of medicines, supplements & cosmetics, as well as ways of identifying the characteristics of drugs that have been registered with MOH. In addition, many examples are also given of the effects of using unregistered drugs. Hopefully with this partnership, students become savvy & literate consumers regarding the safe use of medicines, supplements and cosmetics.

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