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Volunteer Icon Sharing in LMCR1102 Volunteering Service Course

Volunteer Icon Sharing in LMCR1102 Volunteering Service Course

SDG: 3 & 4

A total of 150 students who took the course LMCR1102 Volunteering Service from 3 different sets gathered to hear the sharing of two of Youth Volunteer Icons at the DK43.102 TAMS Lecture Hall. This course is taught by Dr. Wardah Mustafa Din & Dr Nurul Hanis Aminuddin Jafry, and is a C5 elective course offered to expose students to volunteer work & service.

The icon that has been specially invited is En. Shakir Mustafa Din who is the Manager of an NGO of the Pasak Kitchen Welfare Organisation, Kuala Lumpur and a prospective graduate of Citra Science, Sister Nur Izzatul Farhah. These two icons share the experience of carrying out effective volunteer work & impact on themselves. It is hoped that the partnership from the NGOs and these prospective graduates, will inject the spirit of volunteerism in the students, thus becoming a guide for them to carry out voluntary activities at the time.

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