3rd National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC) 2016 1

“ And the winner for grand finals is UKM team B.”

Once again, UKM was crowned winner of NPDC, for two times in a row !

UKM B ( Nur Amalina binti Azmi, Leow Pui Mun and Kok Pei Yi ) successfully defended the champion title by winning as side government on the motion- This house would not, as a parent, tell children they have mild autism, against CUCMS team A. All 3 debaters from UKM B were also awarded as overall best speakers of NPDC.

UKM A(Jolene Soon, Melanie Michael Dass and Harivin Nathan) and UKM B were leading during preliminary rounds of NPDC but only one team proceeded to grand finals as the teams faced each other during semi finals. Nonetheless, both UKM teams performed exceptionally well this year.

“ Gladiators of the Intellect “ was the theme for 3rd NPDC which was held in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. The theme reminded us of the ancient Roman times where strong gladiators pitted their prowess in the coliseum. Today’s world calls for a different kind of strength. The strength to research, discuss, justify and articulate one’s ideas into constructive opinions and solutions. It is for this reason that debate is so strongly encouraged.

Lastly, congratulations to both teams and may the students continue to bring our faculty name to greater heights !

” Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand. “ – Colin Powell.


Written by : Kok Pei Yi

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