Piala Dekan 2016 1

On 5 November 2016, in the field of Kolej Tun Syed Nasir, when the refreshing air hits the crisp morning, pharmacy students from all years gathered to have their annual Piala Dekan! It was an event deliberately planned by Second Year students with the objective to strengthen bonds between pharmacy students, at the same time for the students to release stress. Also, it was an opportunity for the students to polish their talents in a variety of sport events!

The event kick-started with energizing aerobics led by the first year students. Then, it was followed by the anticipated sport activities such as futsal, basketball, volleyball and etc. Everyone participated actively in the games.

It was followed by the climax – tug of war, which involved only males. It was so thrilling as both teams, represented by third year students and second year students were well-matched. Finally, the third year participants emerged as winner of the tournament.

Piala Dekan ended at 12.45pm. All pharmacy students were so engaging in Piala Dekan and had a whale of a time together ! This absolutely improved their relationships. Finally, a big round of applause to the event organizers and participants who took part in Piala Dekan.

Written by Moo Wen Yee




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