45th Convocation The National University of Malaysia 1

Graduation is not a “goodbye” but it is a “hello” to the next chapter in life. Congratulation to all the Pharmacy graduates that managed to receive their honourable certificates at the annual convocation held in Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR) on the 28th and 29th October 2017. It was definitely their most memorable moments in study life as hard work and dedications were finally paid off.

Despite upon graduation, UKM graduates were always advised to become the “payung merah”, which encouraged the graduates to be outstanding through unleashing what they were skilled in. Four years of education in Bachelor in Pharmacy not only gave enlightenment in knowledge but also shaped the graduates into a more empathy, attentive and detail-orientated pharmacists.

Upon graduation, graduates will be facing the real working life challenges and it would be the time for them to contribute themselves. Their family, lecturers and university will feel proud to see them serving back to the community and university.

The joyous of graduation was shared among families and friends and numerous pictures were taken to capture such memorable moments. The graduates will feel the sense of accomplishment in their life as they witnessed their self-development through the tough journey of life finally beared the fruits. Definitely, this sense of accomplishment will keep them to travel for a long way especially when facing challenges later. Congratulations once again!

Written by Moo Wen Yee


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