PharmUpdate : PMFFAR Annual Grand Meeting 1

By Puah Shu Ting

21st March, Dewan Serbaguna KTSN – A team of burning flames who had served their fullest effort for the future pharmacists in UKM since May 2012, was passing down the torch to the new committee board, continuing PMFFAR 2013/2014!

The meeting was officiated by Prof. Madya Dr. Jamia Azrina Jamal on behalf of our dearest Dekan, Prof. Ibrahim bin Jantan, who was at official work overseas. Prof. Jamia then emphasized on the urgency in achieving Social and Spiritual aspects, two of the four main domains on which all teaching and learning (P&P) activities should focused.

After one-hour vote, the winners “took over” PMFFAR! Candidates with fluctuating emotions awaiting the results during the whole event finally marched up the stage with pride! Mohamad Akmal Harun succeeded as the new president after competing with his best friend, Shahir Abu Bakar.

“Sesi Dialog Bersama PMFFAR” was a new event organized by PMFFAR 2012/13 to provide students, especially Year One, an opportunity to look into PMFFAR and to share any problems within the faculty which PMFFAR can help to solve.

Although they had formally relinquish from their posts, they will continue fulfill their responsibilities until all events under their guidance end, as scheduled, in May 2013.

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