Bengkel Pengenalan Produk Jati-UKM

On 27 November 2021, JATI club of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia had organised Bengkel Pengenalan Jualan Jati-UKM via the application ‘WebEX’ to give an insight for students on the tips and techniques that can be used for the sale of JATI products either through online platform or face-to-face physically. The program was held on Saturday, from 9 am to 12.15 pm. There were a total of 86 participants involved in this program which consisted of the members of JATI club and other interested students.

Firstly, the emcee of the programme, Yasmin Farisha invited the first speaker, who was Dr. Hanisah Azhari to give a talk on the topic of ‘Health Supplement 101’. The objective of this slot was to spread the importance of health supplements in our daily lives. Surprisingly, we also learnt about the supplements needed for COVID-19.

Moving on to the second slot of the day, Cik Nurfaizza Binti Sainal gave a talk on ‘Sales Pitch’ to give guidance and tips for students to sell pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the future. At the end of both slots, Q&A sessions were held to improve students’ understanding and answer their queries. A photography session was also taken place capturing the bright smiles of the participants. After that, an interactive quiz was held on Kahoot.

Lastly, the lecturer-in-charge, Dr. Mazlina was invited to give a speech. The programme went smoothly and it ended with a briefing of sales JATI. In short, this programme was indeed beneficial for students to explore more knowledge and establish their professionalism.

Written by: Rita Tiong Ming Xuan