On 23 October 2021, the i-STAR Workshop hosted by PMFFar was held on Microsoft Teams to give exposure to first-year students, secretaries and treasurers of clubs and programmes regarding the usage of  the i-STAR system. Secretary of PMFFar 21/22, Miss Amierah Nadiah Binti Mohd Badli was able to give such a lively presentation and students were shown the ways of using i-STAR system correctly. Students were briefed on the detailed steps to get approvals of activities, record achievements and create resumes. After a short break, the treasurer of PMFFar 21/22, Miss Eileen Cheah E-Theng continued the session by sharing useful pieces of information about the finance department of PMFFar. At the end of the first slot, a fun quiz about the i-STAR Workshop was held on Kahoot.

Moving on to the second slot of the day, the Programme Management Workshop was done to give guidance to programme-organising members under the monitor of PMFFar about the procedures of organising programmes. Six channels on Microsoft Teams were set up to allow students to enter according to their positions in their organisations. They were then given useful advice and tips for their respective positions in the channel. 

The workshop went smoothly and it ended with a photography session. Undeniably, the workshops successfully enlightened students with helpful information and equipped them with handy tips.

Written by: Melissa Sia Yun Shan