Choosing Cosmetics Wisely 1

Nowadays, people use cosmetics in their daily life to look good and enhance their self-esteem. Chemical Safe Skincare Research found that a woman uses an average number of 12 different toiletries a day, adding up to 175 different chemicals. This has led to a growing concern about the safety of these products, in which users have a greater awareness to protect themselves from hazardous chemical substances.  They have become more concerned about cosmetic formulation, preferring cosmetic products made from natural ingredients.

Recently, the Ministry of Health banned eight local cosmetic products because they tested positive for poisonous chemicals, such as hydroquinone which can damage pigment cells and cause severe burning. Mercury on the other hand leads to ashes and kidney damage. Hence, we must be aware when buying cosmetic products that contain these chemicals.

So, how can we reduce toxic exposures from cosmetics? First, simplify your skincare routine to three steps; applying toners, essences, and moisturizers. Avoid products that contain synthetic fragrances, paraben and benzone. Secondly, do your own research. Look beyond marketing claims; read labels carefully to know about the ingredients used before buying and what they may do to users’ skin.

May everyone be cautious when choosing cosmetics in the future for the sake of health so that we may reduce the risk of getting adverse health impacts from cosmetics and personal care products.

Written by Chong Cheng Jun


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