Dispensing Right Issue for Pharmacist 1

     Nowadays, there are rumblings again of the issues of dispensing right in Malaysia. This scenario had become a hot issue among Malaysians especially between the community of doctors and pharmacists. Should doctors only prescribe, while pharmacists dispense?

     Actually, dispensing right is not about taking away doctors’ rights, but making a clear boundary between doctors and pharmacists. This is to provide the best care for patients. By dispensing separation, the needs of the patients will be fulfilled. This is because pharmacists will screen through the prescription made by the doctors and guarantee there is no error. Also, pharmacists were trained about usage of drugs and they also monitor side-effects of each drug. Besides, pharmacists will consider the possible interactions between drugs, food and other substances when dispensing the drugs.

     In contrast, with the prescription and dispensing of medicines done by separate parties, patients can gain more benefits from the advice provided by the pharmacists on how to consume their medicines properly. Apart from that, some surveys have shown that the prices of the medicines sold at pharmacies are more reasonable compared to the drugs sold at clinics. Hence, the patients will be satisfied with the prices because it is much more affordable.

    In conclusion, we hope that dispensing right will be implemented in Malaysia. Hopefully, this issue will be brought into the light because we think that this dispensing right is rightfully ours.

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