“Kenali Ubat Anda 2017” HKL exhibition 1

An exhibition named “Kenali Ubat Anda 2017” and a seminar named “Pharmacotherapy Updates 2.0” which were the annual events of Department of Pharmacy of Hospital Kuala Lumpur was held on 13th to 14th of September 2017 at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. It aimed to educate the public about the right time to take medicine, storage of medicine, returning of expired medicine to the pharmacies, and the recognition of counterfeit drug. There were booths which displayed the types of medicine available in the pharmacies to enhance the knowledge of public towards the different ways of medication administration such as suppositories, ointment and capsules.

 Another interesting booth was the one which introduced different types of insulin pens. After an experienced pharmacist explained the differences between the refillable insulin pen and built-in insulin refill pen, we were also exposed to a few facts about insulin like the correct way of storage of insulin pen and the normal usable period of insulin. Public also got to know more about counterfeit medicine and supplement products through the exhibition. There were activities such as lucky draw, quiz, word puzzle to attract more people.

We saw these events very informative and interesting as it could lead to patient compliance when the public understood the differences between each type of medication so that the patients would not swallow non-oral medication. It was the ultimate goal of all the healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and we believed that these events had contributed to it!

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