Helloooo Green Lung ! Yeap, that’s how Green Lung had officially welcomed newbies to their first event! That beautiful morning kicked off with an introduction speech about Green Lung by our president, Muhammad Fathullah bin Pardin followed by an officiating speech by Dr. Adliah binti Mhd Ali. We were also fortunate to be able to invite Mr. Saw Phin Khye (coordinator of Green Lung Malaysia) to give an inspiring speech entitled, ‘Stand Up and Be The Change’. Not to forget, President of Malaysian Women Action for Tobacco Control and Health (My Watch), Dato Hatijah binti Ayob had delivered a beneficial talk on how second smokers, especially women were harmed by tobacco.

After such an informative session, it’s time to shake things up! Put your hands up if you are a Running Man fan because that’s what the newbies got to experience! We got to play fun and exciting games, yet at the same time were exposed to Green Lung and the importance of creating a tobacco-free environment.

Support tobacco-free environment, support Green Lung!

By: Tan Min Anne

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