PharmUpdate : Interview with Thailand Internship Students

This April was an exciting and great month. Eight students from Mahidol University, Thailand came to experience our life in the university! It’s fun! Now, let me introduce our dear friends from Thailand. They are Nam, Ning, Nhing, Fame, Cherry, Wan, Yui and Gibb. They have experienced our “UKM-styled” lectures, Integrated Pharmaceutical Learning discussion, practical classes, pharmacy attachment and even visited PPUKM. We are very happy as we manage to interview them. I am sure every one of you is eager to know them more, right? This is the interview that we have carried out with them. (One of them says that we treated them like super stars.)


Q: What are the procedures of application for Pharmacy course in Thailand? Ning: There are two ways to apply for university. Firstly it is called Direct Admission. You have to apply for the faculty and university that you want, and then you have to get through a qualification test called Quota. If you pass the Quota test, your name will be in the University Management and you are qualified to enter your desired university and faculty. Nhing: However, if you fail Direct Admission, there is another choice, which is the Indirect Admission. An entrance test has to be taken. You can apply for four universities and faculties. If your marks are higher than the passing marks required by the faculty, then you will be accepted(accepted betul?) into the faculty.

Q: What is the difference between the education system of our faculty and yours in the aspects of lectures, practicals, languages used and activities? Fame: Pharmacy course in Mahidol University is a six-year-course. We will learn about theory during the lectures in the first three years. Then we will go to hospital for attachment. The last two years is a training session for us. We can choose either to focus in industrial or clinical field. Nam: We use Thai language in our teachings. However, the scientific terms are in English. Our lectures are mostly lecturer-centered. We have an IPL session but only for one topic in a semester. Furthermore, we seldom do practicals in our university as we are lacking in high technology machines. Basically, the machines are for the Master’s students, thus we seldom have the chance to try on the machines. Wan: Our activities include National Pharmacy Sports Carnival and the annual gathering for all first year pharmacy students which is organized by Phamacy Students’ Union of Thailand (PSUT). Besides, we can apply to be a volunteer in community service to help the patients in rural area. We can also get involved in the Mahidol University Teaching and Education Camp which involves high schools in rural areas in order to expose the students to pharmacy course.

Q: What are the procedures to become a registered pharmacist in Thailand? Cherry: We have to sit for a test during the last year of our university. The test is conducted for 2 days where we are tested on our theory (MCQ) on the first day. We can proceed with the practical test which is called OSPE on the second day provided we manage to get through the theory test. If we pass both the theory and OSPE test, we are given a licence and are recognized as a registered pharmacist.

Q: What do you think about this student exchange program? Nam: This program gives me a great opportunity as it is my first time going to another country. I have the chance to see different people and things here. Wan: The student exchange program is wonderful. It is my first time here too. I feel happy. I have new experience and new friends here. Fame: I have learnt different cultures and know more about Pharmacy course in Malaysia through this program. Ning: I have gained experience. I manage to adapt to different cultures in Malaysia. I think I will improve myself after joining this program. Nhing: It is a good opportunity for me to experience new things. I love the hospitality of the Malaysians. This program is awesome! Cherry: This program brings me new experience. The religions, lifestyles, traditions and public transports here are different from my country. I can share these with my friends when I’m back in Thailand later. Perhaps I can be their tour guide for a Malaysia trip in the future.

Our Thailand Friends have written their messages for us!

Hi!! Lovely friends, I’m very impressed with all of you. It is a good opportunity to be in Malaysia. I saw many wonderful things, tried many amazing things and also travelled to many interesting places. The most important thing is becoming friends with all of you. Thank you for your hospitality. Thank you for everything. I will miss you all, wish to see you in Thailand. With love, Nam 😀

Hi everyone, I’m Ning. I’m very happy and grateful for having the opportunity to meet you guys. Thank you for welcoming us, taking care of us, being nice to us and also being friendly to us. I hope you all can come and meet us in Thailand and we will gladly guide you all for a tour in Thailand. From, Ning

It was only for a week that I came into the class to study with you but I have so many things to tell you. All of you are my lovely friends. If you can remember, when I lost my purse, I was so sad. But I felt very happy when many people helped me find it. Thank you for everything that you have done. Love you all. Finally, I invite you all to Thailand. I will wait for you there, and I’m sorry if I did something wrong. Bye jub jub (kiss kiss) haha, Wan 😛

I’m very happy while staying in Malaysia. I love the public transports in KL. The twin tower is very beautiful at night. I can see it no matter I walk around Chow Kit area or Bukit Bintang. I’m very impressed with the sight of Twin Tower. Everyone is very kind here. Thank you for your kindness and for taking care of me. P.S: If you plan to go to Thailand, you can contact me. Love from, Fame

I’m impressed with everything here in Malaysia. Actually, Malaysia is quite similar to Thailand but somehow still different, such as the pharmacy course here. I’m also impressed

with the way you welcomed us. Thank you for everything that you did for me such as taking care of us, bringing us for a tour around KL and others. You make me feel comfortable as if I’m staying in Thailand. When you come to Thailand, I will treat you the same way. My close friends, come visit to Thailand :D. If we have the chance again, we may be able to meet again. I <3 UKM Students, Nhing

Thank you for welcoming us. In Malaysia, there are a lot of interesting things. I learned about different religions, races, food and languages. It is such a good opportunity to join this student exchange programme. I hope you have the opportunity to know about Thailand and our culture too. I invite you to come to Thailand. We can be your guide there. I love Malaysia very much. If I have the chance, I will come back to Malaysia again 😀 From, Cherry

All UKM students are very friendly. That is the thing that makes me very impressed. I do not worry about my life while I was staying here. I have gained lots of knowledge. I feel very happy and had lots of fun here. Many good things happened here and made me smile and laugh. I feel comfortable as if I’m staying in my hometown. My parents will be angry if they know that I don’t feel like going back. Haha!! 😀 I hope to see you in Thailand and I will try my best to accompany everyone there. Miss you all, Gibb from 3rd year

I’m glad to know you. UKM students are very nice and kind. Everyone took good care of us. It was really happy and fun to be here. We even laughed together. I felt comfortable when talking to you. This was a good opportunity in my life as I learned a lot of things in Malaysia. I’m jealous of you as you can speak many languages so well. I hope I can attend to your classes more. I love talking about Thailand and Malaysia and taking pictures too, haha!!. If you ever got the chance to go to Thailand for travelling or participate in the student exchange program, we will take care of you!! I love my Chinese and Malay friends here.

Yui, 3rd year student.

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