On 9th September 2018, fresh and excited first year intakes gathered in Block H Seminar Room 3 (BSH3) around 2.00pm to have a meeting session with the PMFFar members.

First and foremost, Mohamad Ridha Bin Jalil, the president of PMFFar leaded off this session by an enthralling introduction speech. He shed light on the aim and goals of PMFFar. Moreover, he also explained about the crucial roles that are played by PMFFar members. After that, Nur Nadhirah Binti Muhammad Sukri and Thinagary a/p Jegathesan from Biro Akademik fascinated the first years with an interesting talk about tips on improving your life sustainability. I bet the first years are experts in ameliorating their own life sustainability now! Subsequently, Nurqamarina Binti Hasri and Fatin Nabilah Binti Roslaile from Biro Program described about the educational and also fun-filled annual pharmacy faculty events.

Around 3.15pm, the president of Green Lung which is Nur Ain Binti Jaafar gave a riveting speech regarding Hello Green Lung. She explained that Green Lung is an organization that aims to curb smoking by carrying out activities such as Hello Green Lung.

Last but not least, it was time for MyPSA’s and IPSF’s sharing sessions around 4pm. The MyPSA representative was Phuah Yi Sheng whereas the IPSF representative was Goh Ke Xin.

In a nutshell, the first years were able to familiarize themselves more with PMFFar and other pharmacy organizations!

Written by: Leong Kai En