“Menggamit Memori,Menggapai Impian”

Pharmnight was held once again successfully this year on 5th May 2018 at Dewan Tun Syed Nasir! It was held not only to give students a chance to reflect on their time together but also a final farewell and celebration for the 4th year students before they graduate. The students were all dressed in their finest for the celebratory night which was officiated by Associate Professor Dr. Jamia Azdina Jamal, the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy UKM.

The night was enlivened by a series of performances from our pharmacy students including a flashmob and live band performance by Pharmaband. The highlight of the day was the wonderful performance from the 4th year students to express their gratitude to all academic and non-academic staffs who had supported them through their education journey so far. The multimedia team had edited a short video to show a flashback of their wonderful moments in campus. The memory lane made many laugh and a few teary, but mostly all of them wanting to relive their years spent in the campus, all over again.

The event continued with the presentation of the awards such as Dean’s List Awards, Pharmaniaga Award, Ibnu Sina Award, Best Student Award and many more! Lastly, the most anticipated awards of the day were the Best Dress Award and also the award of King and Queen of Faculty! Congratulations to all winners and we wish our seniors the very best with your future!



Written by : Norzubaidatulhikmah binti Shaduqi


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