The National University of Malaysia was established on 18 May 1970 and has placed many students and graduates from all over Malaysia. As of 2022, 222197 graduates have succeeded in obtaining a round of degrees at this institution. Under the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FSKB), the Department of Pharmacy has been offering Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), Master of Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy), Master of Health Sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy programmes for over 14 years. The Department of Pharmacy was established in 1994 to commence the Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree Program. In 1995, a total of 21 first cohort students began their studies. The Pharmacy Department campus was later relocated to Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz in 1998. The Faculty of Pharmacy was officially established on June 1, 2008. The campus has succeeded in giving birth to a large number of alumni and student figures who are role models for the students.

The title of “Student Fellowship” is awarded to those who succeed in achieving outstanding and active academic achievements in the context of the curriculum. Among the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy is Miss Lilian Yeo Fang Fang, recipient of the Pharmaniaga Prize. She managed to earn the award by joining programmes organized by PMFFar and programmes outside the UKM, such as MyPSA and IPSF. The programme that she could not forget during her studies at UKM is Human Gema Amal Insan 7.0 (GAIn 7.0). Students need to make soap from used cooking oil and help those in need. Through this award, Miss Lilian’s academic and career opportunities were brighter, as were her confidence and motivation to succeed.

Next, Ms. Sharifah Hanisah has also been awarded the Pharmaniaga Award after participating in more than 80 volunteering and academic conceptual activities over four years of study. Her involvement in organizations like PMFFar and MyPSA has helped to improve her social skills and adapt to the world of work, especially as a Provisional Registered Pharmacist (PRP) in the hospital. Besides, the support and help from family, professors, and colleagues have also encouraged her to succeed. Besides being active in the co-curriculum, Ms. Sharifah also urged students to not ignore their academics and continue to pursue science with earnestness.

The next student is Mr. Kee Kah Sheng, who received the MPS-Duopharma Gold Medal Award. He succeeded in receiving the award for his outstanding achievements in the academic field and in co-curricular activities. According to Mr. Kee Kah Sheng, students of the UKM Faculty of Pharmacy need to enhance their knowledge and develop self-human skills. Extensive experience and human skills are critical factors for improving competitiveness and self-improvement. According to Mr. Kee Kah Sheng, the Pharmacy Awareness Programme was an unforgettable memory as it had to be implemented online after the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The various challenges and obstacles encountered in the process of organizing the programme include conducting online webinars to raise public awareness. The award was an incentive and motivation for him to continue to work hard and to remain firm in exploring the field of pharmacy in the future.

In addition, Mr. Luqman’s awards are the Excellence PhD and Graduate On Time (GOT) Thesis Awards for his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, National University of Malaysia (UKM). He believes that the best results will be achieved if one does something seriously, even in the face of various tests. The keys to Mr. Luqman’s success are good intentions, focus and discipline in doing things, and praying to God for success. He puts great emphasis on health through healthy lifestyle practices. The awards he has earned have added further recognition to his work in the fields of pharmacology and pharmaceutical medicine. He has also been frequently invited as an invited lecturer to educational institutions at home and abroad, as well as to serve on an advisory panel.

Finally, the student figure from the Faculty of Pharmacy is Ms. Aqilah, who received the award of the Ibnu Sina Gift for the 2022 session. She stated that students of the Faculty of Pharmacy should take advantage of their time by gaining more experience and improving their skills. Not only that, students also need to brazen up and lead an organization or association. She has special experience in the OPKIM programme because she is able to serve the community. She emphasized that students must ‘enjoy the process’ and not do something merely for recognition or prizes. The award that she received not only opens up her career opportunities but also leaves a positive impact on society. Nevertheless, the journey of seeking knowledge and gaining experience is endless, so one should not be arrogant even after having a job as a pharmacy officer and hold on to the principle of serving the Malaysian community at heart.

Written by: Jamilatul Wardah