Jom Bersama PMFFar & MyPSA Promotional Tour 21/22

Jom Bersama PMFFar & MyPSA Promotional Tour is a programme held by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). The event was held on Wednesday, 13 October 2021 via the application ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’. The members of PMFFar, club leaders, representatives of MyPSA, together with all Year 1 students had participated in this programme.

The objective of Jom Bersama PMFFar is to give exposure to the Year 1 students regarding the PMFFar organisation, clubs under PMFFar monitoring, activities and programmes that will be held by PMFFar in this session while MyPSA Promotional Tour aims to promote membership to all Year 1 students and activities that will be organised.

Jom Bersama PMFFar commenced with the speech from Syed Rafiq Idlan bin Syed Mohd Firdaus, YDP of PMFFar and introduction of all members of PMFFar. This was followed by a video of all the activities that were held by the faculty. The Year 1 students were shown the achievements of our students in competitions and their involvement in MyPSA. The programme continued with introduction of the clubs that students can enrol.

The programme carried on with the MyPSA Promotional Tour with an introduction about MyPSA from the president, Lai Yue Jiun. MyPSA Promotional Tour slot ended with an online quiz via Quizizz and the winners won themselves MyPSA T-shirts!

The programme continued with the last slot, an online quiz via Kahoot to test the understanding of the students about PMFFar.

From this programme, the students gained understanding of the organisations and activities which they can participate in the future.

Written by: Nurul Amira binti Roshidi