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Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Since last year Journalism Workshop got many positive feedbacks, we decided to do it again and actually make it every year. This time we are bringing more to the workshop.


Registration dateline : 16 March 2014

        Yes, you are seeing it right. We are giving Photoshop CS5 for FREE!! Just remember to bring your own laptop on that day. Do also bring camera for the photography session. Not necessarily to be a DSLR, a simple digital camera would also work. The final day for registration is on 16 March 2014. We did not manage to put the speaker’s informations in the poster but we are excited for you to know them so here it is!


Mr Fahmi

Mr. Fahmi is a 3rd Year student who is currently studying Bachelor in Education TESL, UKM, Bangi. He has a huge interest in Photography since he was at his small age. With his parents’ encouragement, Mr. Fahmi eventually gained experience on photography skills since primary school. He has succeeded a project during Form 4 with his amazing photoshooting talent. The interest in photography hence builds up stronger in him, throughout his schooling years.

Since enrolled into UKM, he was picked to join UKM Magazine (MA) Production Team. He has contributed his greatest passion for three years in the team and finally, he is now the Head of Photography Unit. Photos published in the 36th UKM Magazine (MA36) are not only impressive, but are also the reasons that have brought him here today, to share with his experience and knowledge on photoshooting.

From a kid who just loved capturing anything in front of him, until now, an outstanding photographer delivering a talk in front of you, most of his learnings and skills on photography were gained through his own observations and experiences in various projects and activities. He is a humble gentlemen who is willing to share everything that he knows about photography and photoshooting to those who are interested in it.



Mr Teh Eng Hock

Teh Eng Hock started his career in The Star in 2005, and spent more than nine years with the English daily as a news journalist. Prior to his resignation, he regularly reported on national politics and policies, with transportation and foreign affairs being among his favorite subjects. He also copy edited stories from fellow writers and sat in daily meetings with other editors to determine the editorial direction of the day’s edition.

From March 2011 to September 2013, he was the Selangor bureau chief of the newspaper, where he led a team of reporters, photographers, advertising and circulation staff. In April 2010, he hit the streets of Bangkok to cover the anti-government Red Shirts protest. Other notable working trips include state visits to Iran and Pakistan, as well as covering the Asean Summit in Hanoi and Bali.

He had also been posted to The Star’s bureau in Johor for two and a half years before returning to The Star’s headquarters in 2008. At the bureau, he had the additional responsibility to managing the team of reporters by virtue of being the second most senior journalist there. Besides reporting, he had to manage, assign and clear copies of the other reporters and photographers in the bureau.

He had also spent time in the states of Kelantan and Perak to report on political developments. Interest in journalism started early for Eng Hock, who took part in The Star’s young journalist programme at 16 and since then had been freelancing for the newspaper until he joined them as a full-time staff at 22. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Murdoch University, Australia, with double majors in Mass Communications, and Communications and Cultural Studies.

Eng Hock is savvy with the online media, and is of the belief that social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs will become increasingly important in shaping public opinion. You can follow him on Twitter: @enghockteh and Facebook: He is also a photo enthusiast, and never travels without his DSLR camera. His photos can be found on Eng Hock was chairman of The Star branch’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ) from 2010 to 2012, and treasurer from 2008 to 2010.


Mr Amirul

Mr. Amirul Faiz Abd. Razak is the Science Officer and also the Webmaster of Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM. He graduated from the Faculty of Science & Technology, UKM in 2006 with a B.Sc. (Plant Biotechnology). His work experience mostly related to managing the science lab, running the instruments, keep track the asset and inventory of the lab, managing the safety aspects of the science lab, and so on. In his free time, he loves to explore the topics related to web design, photo editing, video editing, web coding and watch the tutorial on Youtube or Vimeo and also blogwalking. He shares his thoughts in his personal blog and he quite often uploads his video to his Youtube channel

For more information simply contact Nabilah or Asikin at the contact information given in the poster. We are excited to be learning from this awesome people and we really want for you to take this golden oppurtunity!

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