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     Being a UKM Pharmacy student, we’re required to do our reports & assignments in the form of a blog! Cool right? It is our lecturers’ intention to make us a versatile student.

      Sadly, not many of us really know how to blog…. But no worry! E-Pharmaline will share some tips and tricks with you, on how to make a beautiful and attractive blog. Here are the steps to guide you along. Hopefully you’ll find them useful.

1. Create an account.

Blog is actually Google based. So, you need to first create a Google account. You can do so here.

2. Create a blog.  

After that, enter this link and create your blog. Search around to discover the functions there. The link above actually links to Blogger Dashboard. You can visit for further information.

3. Decorate your blog!

Feel bored with the dull themes given in the blog? Here’s some tutorials where you can make your blog a more lively & attractive one!

In the links below, you can learn how to decorate a blog by using colourful themes, how to put a song in a blog, how to change the cursor of a blog, how to make snow falling effect….and  even learn how to design your own theme!

Example of a special theme :

Let’s Go Blogging! 3

How to use the blogskin :

Let’s Go Blogging! 1keep-calm-and-follow-diyasesame-2


How to put a song in the blog :

Fullscreen capture 1062013 82242 PM.bmp

How to change the cursor :

lets go blogging 3

How to use your name as cursor :

Fullscreen capture 1062013 83634 PM.bmp

Nowadays, you can Google almost EVERYTHING. If you want more, just Google it!
But if you feel stuck or don’t know how to start, simply leave a comment here or ask in the orange chatbox at the left sidebar. We’re absolutely delighted to help!

Till next time!

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