National Pharmacy Debate Competition 2017 1

“Passion Beyond Words”

         National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC) 2017 was held from 3rd November 2017 until 5th November 2017. Once again, the Faculty of Pharmacy from National University of Malaysia (UKM) had sent 2 teams to compete in this event which were team UKM A and UKM B.

On 3rd November, the teams departed from the campus to the competition venue, being at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The teams were welcomed by the friendly organizers from IIUM and checked in to the Mahallah (hostel). The teams had a small discussion on that night before taking sufficient rest for the competition next day.

Morning of 4th November came, indicating the day of the heated competition. Intense passion and battle spirit were exhibited by the competing teams from various universities as everyone strived very hard to emerge victory! After 3 fiery debate rounds, the battle of the day had ended. Amazingly, both UKM A and UKM B managed to win in all 3 rounds! The night was celebrated with a grand and joyful Harry Potter-themed Gala Night. The teams competing in semi-final were also announced, which were UKM A, UKM B, USM B and CUCMS A.

The burning semi-final round began in the morning of 5th November as UKM A competed against USM B, while UKM B competed against CUCMS A. It was the most passionate debate round as both UKM A and UKM B tried their best to proceed to the final round! Unfortunately, the verdicts announced were most devastating, as both UKM A and UKM B lost in the semi-final. The final round proceeded soon and NPDC 2017 officially ended around 3.15pm as the closing ceremony announced the final victor as team USM B.

All in all, although UKM teams were unable to emerge as champion, all participants were satisfied as they had gained tremendous experiences as well as meeting new friends from other universities. UKM teams will definitely return again to compete in NPDC 2018 next year!



                                                                                                Written by: Nontharit Voravuth

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