Offering insights, imparting valuable knowledge and sharing wealth of experience have never come in more inspiring than getting the gist from the person who endured it first-hand. With this in mind, board of Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi has made it a point to organize sharing sessions between students of Faculty of Pharmacy with the chosen students who have been participating in a program called International Mobility Program.

On 8th November 2017, a presentation regarding the International Mobility Program had been delivered by the representatives of the involved students to expose the juniors about this exciting yet informative event. The two and a half hour session held at Block H Seminar Room 3 and Block H Seminar Room 4 was attended by all first year and second year students of Faculty of Pharmacy. Among the elements shared was the knowledge that they learnt throughout the program, unforgettable memories created and the outcomes they gained from joining such program.

The wonderful approach of the presenter to keep their presentation interactive and amusing had not only kept students on the edge of their seats, but also made the students’ engagement enhanced and more relatable. It is hoped that this sharing session would not only stimulate their passion but more importantly prepare them for when they are interested to be a part of this program in the upcoming year. The session was wrapped up with closing remarks by the Associate Professor Dr Mohd bin Makmor Bakry, the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


Written by : Norzubaidatulhikmah binti Shaduqi

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