Oh My Green Lung 1

Green Lung Society had held a programme called “Oh My Green Lung” on the 6th of March 2016 at Teratak Bernam Riverview to prepare the committees for the annual big event “Green Lung Shout Out!” besides gaining beneficial information about smoking cessation and strengthening the bonds between committee members.

The event kicked off with informative talks presented by Mr. Ho Rhu Yann, President of Green Lung, Mr. Tang Khai Sheng, Vice President of Green Lung, Mdm. Khor Xin Yun, lifestyle and nutritional pharmacist from Lead In Health Sdn. Bhd. and also Mr. Saw Phin Khye, the former President of UKM Green Lung.

After a feast of informative talks, the exciting jungle trekking was carried out. All the participants had a blast and the bonds among committees were strengthened. It was a programme that certainly benefited all involved and the participants surely would cherish the memories created together with the Green Lung family!

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