Pharmacy Awareness 1

Pharmacy Awareness programme is an academic programme held by Faculty of Pharmacy UKM in collaboration with Pharmacy department KKM and MyPSA. It was carried out at Banguan Pusanika, 5th floor at UKM Bangi on 19th and 20th of May. The programme provide a good platform for UKM students to know their medication as there are free health check as well as free counselling from registered pharmacist. There are also interesting activities such as quiz and mini games.

The first day started with the opening ceremony by Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Noor Aziah Hj. Mohd. Awal, which is the deputy chancellor of UKM. The exhibition started on 3pm and ended on 5pm. On the second day, the exhibition started from 9am meanwhile on 10am, there was a forum entitled ‘Cosmetic and Supplement: Facts or Exaggeration’ carried out at Auditorium Siswa. The panels participated in the forum are au courant with the latest advances in cosmetics and supplement  including Madam Zuraida, the representative from KKM, Madam Wong, representative from Blackmores Sdn Bhd, and Associate Prof. Dr Ahmad Fuad who represents UKM. There were also some mini games including quiz which was carried out at 5th floor at Pusanika on 10am and 3pm. The programme ended at 5pm.

By: Jing Enn

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