Pharmacy Graduate Forum and Career Fair 2016 3

Hi everyone! It’s been a few weeks since the event, but I would like to share what I learnt from it which hopefully will benefit all that missed the event and also serve as a recap for those who went.

Here’s my list of key takeaway points from the event:

  1. JPA scholars can now complete their PRP and JPA bond in the private sector according to the list of premises that can be found at
  2. The STAR initiative is a collaborative effort between JPA and TalentCorp Malaysia that allows JPA scholars to serve their government bond in the private sector to enable the scholars’ contribution back to the nation. STAR pharmaceutical companies are listed here: The pictures below describe various scenarios PRP in the private sector may face:
  3. eph To register through STAR, do follow the steps outlined in the image below:


  4. The official guide for completing PRP in the private sector can be obtained from this link: . This Powerpoint slides may also serve as further reading to understand the process better: .
  5. The format for forensic exam will have a minor change soon. The change will be mark deduction for wrong answers. If there is no answer for a particular question, there will neither be an increase nor a decrease in marks. Marks will only be given to correct answers.
  6. There are many paths after one graduates with a Pharmacy degree. Besides the familiar pharmacy practices of community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy, one can also go into industrial pharmacy, research and development, pursue study in Doctor of Pharmacy or even military pharmacy!
  7. It is important to know what path you would like to take in the future as early as possible to focus on your goal and move towards it. Many times due to peer pressure, students apply to do PRP in a government hospital only to realise they prefer working in another pharmacy practice. Knowing what you prefer early would enable you to do your internship and PRP at your preferred pharmacy practice to gain relevant knowledge and experience from the start.
  8. Many pharmacists advised the participants throughout the forum to take up opportunities and not be too choosy. Experience and knowledge can be gained anywhere as long as one has the right attitude. One also has to learn how to add value to the employer.
  9. During the career fair, I asked around and noticed the community pharmacy booths offering PRP positions, around 20 positions or less for each. This means that competition is also high in the private sector.
  10. Most community pharmacies have bonds for their PRP programmes such as 1+1 or 1+2. For example, 1+1 means 1 year of PRP and 1 year of working bond with the company.In short, despite the worry that one would be jobless after graduation, it is more important to remember that as long as one has the right mindset and attitude in addition to making effort to add value to the employer, he or she would be very much sought after in the market. We cannot control what happens to us, but we certainly can control how we react to it. Instead of being pessimistic on job opportunities, do believe that you have what it takes to be successful in your chosen career path and work hard towards your goals! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and let us all strive to be better pharmacists to serve the community better.

    Pictures courtesy of presentation slides by presenters of PGFCF.


    by Woon Lee Lee

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