PharmUpdate : Pharmacy Career Talk in UKM

A Career Talk especially for the new students of Faculty of Pharmacy,UKM was held on 8th September 2011 (Thursday), at Lecture Hall 4, UKM KualaLumpur Campus. It was organized by the faculty as one of the many activities for the new students during orientation week. The main objective of the talk wasto expose all the job opportunities in the market for Pharmacy students.

The invited speakers were :
  1. Mdm. Wan Hwei Yen, a Community Pharmacist from Guardian Pharmacy.
  2. Ms. Sivakami Janahiraman, a Pharmacist from Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
  3. Mr. Ananda Prakash, a Senior Manager from YSP Industries Sdn. Bhd.
  4.  Pn. Asniza Alias, a Pharmacy Officer from Pharmaceutical Services Division, Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Health Department.
  5.  Dr. Mohd Makmor Bakry, a Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM.
The invited speakers. From the left, Mr. Ananda Prakash, Mdm.Wan Hwei Yen, Pn. Asniza Alias, Ms. Sivakami Janahiraman and Dr. Mohd MakmorBakry.
All the speakers shared their experiences as pharmacists, in the different fields.Besides, the invited speakers did explain about the job prospect, including theadvantages of their job in order to attract students. After that, it was the ‘question and answer’ session. Many students grabbed these golden opportunities to ask the speakers on their confusion towards pharmacists’ future.
My future career?? Include what??
Yeah! It is my turn to ask
It ended with souvenir giving by our Dean, Prof Ibrahim Jantan to all the speakers.
Mdm.Wan Hwei Yen
Ms.Sivakami Janahiraman
Mr.Ananda Prakash
 Pn. Asniza Alias
Dr.Mohd Makmor Bakry
This career talk was really beneficial to the new students,as the students are being exposed to the all job opportunities awaiting for them. Hence, the students would have high spirits to study hard and complete their four-year course in order to be successful pharmacists.
Reported by : Nur Farahuda Binti Abd Rahman


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