PharmUpdate : Piala Dekan 2012/2013

By Ng Chu Hui and Lean Chin Chin

Date: 9th and 10th of March 2013

Venue: Kolej Tun Syed Nasir

PMFFAR had successfully organized Piala Dekan this year! The objective of this sport carnival was to prepare students for the coming National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC) 2013. Besides, this event focused on strengthening the bonds between students and staffs, as well as to produce all-rounder pharmacy students, who are not only excellent in academic aspects but also sports.

There were a total four games in the event i.e. futsal, netball, volley ball and badminton. Futsal and netball tournaments were held on the first day followed by volley ball and badminton on the next day. Great participation and support were shown during this carnival and many of our students and staffs had actually portrayed good skills in sports. Our Dean even joined the badminton tournament and was performing well. This certainly proved that the pharmacy students are all engaging actively in sports!

During the carnival, we had interviewed some staffs and the students:

Encik Amirul Faiz (Science Officer, volley ball player): It was satisfying to be able to play games and meet students from every year.

Noor(4th year, supporter of badminton tournament) : Very impressed with the playing with Michelle(4th year, badminton player) as she has the skill and a deep passion in badminton since young.

Amirul Rasyid (3rd year, badminton player): It was glad to see that the carnival had obtained good responses. Good team spirit was also shown.

Alyaa Madihah(3rd year, volley ball player): This carnival was a successful one as it encouraged sportsmanship besides fostering ties.

Nur Afiqah (2nd year, exco of futsal): There was an intense competition between the 1st and 2nd year female students during futsal tournament.

Nor Athirah (2nd year, netball central player): It was important for us to have the winning spirit, even though we might not have the skills and techniques required.

Aisyah Alifah (2nd year, badminton player): The carnival showed that we do not only strive to win or succeed, but to enjoy the whole game.

Faten Husna (1st year, volley ball team captain): It was happy to see that the 1st year students had won the volley ball matches. Thanks to all the supporters.

Sheron Tapa(1st year, volley ball player): The nervousness that I felt at the beginning of the game was finally relieved when we won at the end.

Anis Izaity (1st year, supporter of female volley ball tournament): Lilian Lau Mei Mei (1st year volley ball player) is really good in playing volley ball! The first year volley ball team was also awesome as they managed to enter the final and won.

Piala Dekan ended with a closing ceremony and prize giving ceremony at Dewan Serbaguna (DSG). The closing ceremony was inaugurated by Dean, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jantan. Prize giving session was the most exciting moment of the day.


Male Female
Netball 1st Year
Futsal 3rd Year 2nd Year
Volleyball 2nd Year 1st Year
Badminton 3rd Year 4th Year

It was a very enjoyable and memorable sports event for every one of us. All students will definitely miss these wonderful moments. Those who didn’t win this year, you still stand a chance to win next year!!

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