PMFFar Volunteering Program: Fundraising (Serum initiative)

In collaboration with SERUM Initiative, the PMFFar Volunteering Programme: Fundraising gave students the opportunity to help raise funds for supplying Covid-19 hygiene kits and reusable sanitary pads in the comfort of their own homes. The fundraising programme was carried out for two weeks and the workshop held on the 5th of March 2022 marked the start of the programme. The workshop was held by SERUM Initiative to nurture the fundraising skills of the students.

The Co-founder of SERUM Initiative started the workshop with an introduction session for the participants to get to know each other well before they kick start the two-week journey of fundraising. Next, the workshop continued with an explanation of the impact of Covid-19 on the vulnerable groups and the dire need for a change towards impactful initiatives to tackle Covid-19. Then, the solutions and the strategies of the SERUM Initiative were shown to the participants, followed by the presentation of marketing strategies to the participants as well. Apart from that, the participants had the chance to understand and learn the fundamentals of a fundraiser, how to set up their online fundraising page and how to strategize and market their fundraising initiative. The participants got to know the elements of fundraising initiatives such as sharing frequency, social media marketing strategies and their purposes. 

The workshop ran without a hitch and a photography session ended the workshop.  Without a doubt, the workshop successfully equipped the students with helpful fundraising skills and the students were expected to do their best in fundraising with the skills gained. 

The outcome from the fundraiser was the distribution of 60L hand sanitizer and 5000 face masks by SERUM Initiative. In addition to that, hygiene kits that provide essential personal hygiene items were also distributed. Each hygiene kit includes 50 mL hand sanitizer and face mask. Most of the donations were successfully delivered to the targeted beneficiaries such as the urban poor and refugees. From Projek: CODE RED, a total of RM1,193.28 were raised by the students, where the funds will be used by SERUM Initiative to provide reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged women and girls. 

Written by: Najwa Hanani Binti Hanafiah