MYPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival 

The year 2022 marked the 15th year in the history of MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC), an annual sports event that involves 20 pharmacy schools all around Malaysia. With a slogan of “Be the Best, Beat the Rest”, International Islamic University Malaysia had been chosen to host the 15th NPSC event which includes E-sports and virtual sports activities for a solid two weeks! It had been two years where traditional means had been shifted to remote work, so a lot of fun and exciting virtual activities were specially catered with the aim to bring the spirit of sports among students at the convenience of their homes. Regardless of the new norms, NPSC was still carried out for students who seek stress-relief activity during the semester break and to encourage pharmacy students to unleash their talents in sports.

The National Pharmacy Sports Carnival began with the registrations for all competitions followed by the opening ceremony on the 25th of February 2022. Virtual activities for instance Rxfit challenge, online chess, freestyle skipping, typing challenge, freestyle football, sports quiz, virtual run, and a series of E-sports games such as PUBG mobile, Mobile Legend, Valorant as well as PES 2021 mobile were a list of activities conducted virtually throughout 25th of February until 13th of March 2022. The rules and regulations were easy to follow and each game was held at a different time throughout the event, hence allowing students to join more than one game. An official Instagram and Facebook page had been set up to increase the event visibility by continuous publicity and to ensure the students were updated about the event. The most interesting part was, each participant received appreciation goodies which were e-certs and NPSC t-shirts!

As two weeks flew by very quickly, the event had finally come to an end. The 13th of March 2022 marked the closing ceremony for the 15th MyPSA NPSC where the winners for each virtual game were announced during the prize-giving ceremony. However, what excited most spectators was the overall standing of all universities! A big round of applause for the University of Science Malaysia (USM) for who managed to snag the most number of gold medals, three medals thus winning first place and successfully beating 19 other universities. Regrettably to say, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) ranked sixth in the overall standing as UKM only won two medals, one was silver and the other was bronze. However, losing was a part of the game and fret not, there would be ample chances for UKM to redeem the loss! It was undeniably a joyous victory for the students to win in a highly competitive environment against 19 universities. All in all, the event went very well and it was a memorable experience for all pharmacy students. Hope to see another amazing NPSC in the coming years!

Written by: Nurul Fatihah Binti Norazlan