Sesi Dialog Bersama PMFFar & Pembentangan Mobiliti Antarabangsa

As university students, a vital sense of belonging and being part of the university community is essential in leading a memorable student life. On the 16th of January 2022, an interactive session with PMFFar was organised by the student association of the Faculty of Pharmacy UKM to address students’ inquiries related to academic and cocurricular events. This session was conducted online via Microsoft Teams and there were nearly 100 participants including lecturers and pharmacy students from Year 1 to Year 4.

The session was preceded by warm greetings from two energetic emcees, Syazali bin Zulkifli and Noor Aishah binti Abdul Kadir, followed by a prayer recitation. A Slido link was blasted in the chatbox for pharmacy students to share their questions. Their inquiries were then approached and answered on the spot by Yang Dipertua PMFFar, who was assisted by Naib Yang Dipertua. Both responded well and provided clarification to the questions raised by the students. Students were also given encouragement to participate actively in the upcoming activities that will be held by PMFFar. It was beyond doubt that this inquiry-based approach was beneficial for all pharmacy students as the curiosity of students was satisfied with clear explanation and justification from the board of PMFFar.

After a 10-minute break, the international mobilities held last year were presented by their respective organising committees. Students were able to gain insights into the interesting programmes in collaboration with foreign universities that had been carried out throughout the previous year. Some examples of such programmes are cultural competitions, health campaigns, networking activities, professional talks, training workshops, sharing forums and virtual tours. It seemed fascinating to be able to interact with foreign students from different countries and these presentations were definitely an eye-opener to the various activities that students can participate in. The session ended with a Q&A and a photography session.

Sesi Dialog Bersama PMFFar and Pembentangan Mobiliti Antarabangsa had undeniably provided students with a profound exposure to campus life and the programmes that are held by the Faculty of Pharmacy for students to join. Thanks to the board of PMFFar and the presenters of international mobilities, students were able to benefit immensely from this wonderful event!

Written by: Ho Wen Yan