Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

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Department of Chemical and Process Engineering offers Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering since it was established in 1984, when the faculty of Engineering was embodied in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Chemical Engineering directly involves in raw feed processing to produce valuable products especially if the processing involves phase change, contain energy of the processed materials and composites. Chemical, physical and mathematical principles which are the basis of Chemical Engineering are used to understand the chemical reaction process in a reactor and transport process in a processing unit and separation. Meanwhile the economic and management principles are completing the Chemical Engineering Program.

Biochemical Engineering that routes from fermentation industry uses Chemical Engineering principle in processing the biological and biochemical materials. This field includes microorganism breeding, enzyme usage as biological and biochemical process catalyst, and design, optimization and process control for large scale biological and biochemical processes and also process synthesis of commercial materials such as food, pharmaceutical products and industrial biochemical products in general.

Starting from the 2015 – 2016 academic session, Chemical Engineering program has been restructured where all Biochemical Engineering elements were combined in this program. This was practicable in parallel to the accreditation and industrial requirements that require graduates to possess vast knowledge covering both fields. It is also in line with the Chemical Engineering program that is mostly offered by well-known universities worldwide.

Apart from that, educational program was also structured to allow students to obtain vast and deep exposure in design experience, industrial work and research. At the end of the third year, students need to undergo practical training. Research project is also conducted in semester VII and VIII. At the final year, students need to complete design project for the process plant. Strong basis as well as practical exposure are believed to produce competent engineers. Curriculum structure was thoroughly planned so that the students would gain sufficient knowledge to perform Process Plant Design Project in Semester VIII. Students may use computer software such as Aspentech®, iCON® and Superpro® to assist them in the Design Project.