UKM Creates Chippie Choc Cookies for a Healthy Diet

By Murniati Abu Karim
Photo Izwan Azman

Cookies often contain high amounts of sugar, refined flour, and fat. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Dietetic lecturer Dr. Nur Hana Hamzaid, however, begs to differ.

Dr. Nur Hana, who is from the Faculty of Health Sciences recently developed Chippie Choc Cookies as a healthier snacking alternative to regular chocolate chip cookies.

According to her, Chippie Choc Cookie is the first cookies in Malaysia that meets the labelling standards for high fibre, gluten-free, and sugar-free but is also very tasty and suitable as a snack for adults and children.

“The production of Chippie Choc Cookies goes through a very thorough process that ensures that all three criteria, namely high fibre (> 6g fiber/100g biscuits), gluten-free, and sugar-free (0.5 g per 100 g solid), are met,”

“The cookies are also available in two sugar levels: low sugar, which is at 5 g per 100 g solid and less sugar, which offers 25 percent less sugar from the original recipe,” she explained.

Dr. Nur Hana, who is experienced in running a dietetic clinic for children with special needs, discovered that chocolate chip cookies are the most popular choice among kids, which inspired her to create a healthier cookie recipe.

She stated that the statistics of diabetes, obesity, and overweight in adults is on the rise, which is very concerning.

Fiber intake among Malaysians has also been found to be low, falling short of the recommendations outlined in the document Recommended Nutrient Intake for Malaysia (2017).

To commercialise Chippie Choc Cookies, UKM signed a Technology Licensing Agreement with MFaez Food Industries Industries Sdn Bhd through UKM Technology Sdn Bhd.

Through the agreement, MFaez Food Industries Industries Sdn Bhd. granted licensing rights to produce Chippie Choc Cookies and market them on a local and international scale.

Meanwhile, MFaez Food Industries Sdn Bhd. advisor, Thaer Bujang stated that the project will benefit individuals, particularly those who practise daily dietary control.

“The commercialization of Chippie Choc Cookies meets the specifications and has been recognised by JAKIM Halal certification and the Ministry of Health ‘Healthier Choice Logo’ or HCL,” he said.

UKM expressed the hope that Chippie Choc Cookies will be the right and best choice in the diet as a transition to healthier eating habits among Malaysians.