We would like to extend the invitation to our AI in Breast Imaging webinar, organised by Diagnostic Imaging & Radiotherapy Programme, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in collaboration with FUJIFILM Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. The webinar will be held on 24th March 2022 on a virtual platform.


The webinar is targeted to the multidisciplinary team in the AI implementation in Breast Imaging that consists of the radiologist, medical officer, engineering, as well as trainees in these areas and professions. The content of the workshop is also relevant to researchers and health care scientists’ interest in the topic.


The webinar will cover AI and its application in Breast Imagin. The content will focus on the introduction and application of AI. This is to ensure the effective practice of AI by understanding the technique and justification.

Agenda AIW2022


In light of the recent Covid-19, this workshop will be conducted in a full virtual experience. The webinar will be delivered to you virtually using virtual meeting.

Registration Fee:
RM70 (Local Participant)
USD40 (International Participant)