UKM-FAHLA is a new collaborative centre that built for diagnostic imaging professional providing a comprehensive platform and for diagnostic image processing by targeting radiographers, radiologist and medical doctors in the country and Asia Pacific region dedicated for breast imaging, among others.

The collaboration with FUJIFILM is hoped to further established the centre and provide the collaborative platforms for training, practical, workshops and clinical module teaching for a dynamic range of academics, researchers, imaging professional and students from all across the Asia Pacific region.

This centre was developed through the collaboration between UKM dan FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Lte., with seeding endowment SGD10,000 for the lab upgrading and SGD5,000 for educational fund grunts. With these foundation funds, UKM-FAHLA will be able to provide solid strength training programmes that will lead to the development of the latest imaging technology to imaging professional and users.


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The Asia-Pacific Mammography Course delivered by UKM-FAHLA School of Advance Breast Imaging is open to healthcare professionals across the Asia-Pacific region who involved in breast cancer patients management, from screening mammograms, diagnosis up to intervention and treatment.

    1. Basic Digital Mammogram
      • To provide digital mammography foundation knowledge and up to date in the latest technology for radiographers and radiologic technologist, focusing on equipment getting good image and patient communication.
    2. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
      • To provide lectures and hands-on workshop for radiographers or radiologic technologists in managing 3D mammography or Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT).
    3. Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography.
      • To provide lectures and user experiences sharing in Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography.


Download: UKM-FAHLA Breast Prospectus Book 2020/2021