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The UKM Portal is the link between the University and society. At present all faculties, research institutes and service centres at UKM have their own websites managed by their respective webmasters. There are now more than 800 websites using the domain ukm.my. PKK coordinates and sets the guidelines for the developments of all these websites. In order to maintain high standard, PKK with the cooperation of the Centre for Information Technology (PTM), has started an evaluation audit of the websites.

PKK coordinates and manages the content and structure of the University’s Official Portal, UKM News Portal, PKK Website and UKM Official Social Media to ensure they are in line with the vision and mission of UKM, with information that is accurate and up to date.


  1. Upgrade the official UKM’s Official Portal, UKM News Portal, and the PKK website on a regular basis with the use of the latest technologies and in keeping with the latest in web developments.
  2. Ensure that the information are always in line with the guidelines set by MAMPU.
  3. Ensure that all website have a structure, design and presentation of information that are orderly, comprehensive and easily retrieved.
  4. Ensure that UKM’s Official Portal is among the best compared with other public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia and Asia as evaluated by MAMPU.
  5. Monitor the websites of the responsibility centres (PTJ) to ensure that the information onsite is accurate, orderly and updated.
  6. Assist PTJ webmasters in terms of preparing the web development guidelines, training, advisory services and technical assistance.

Social Media

  1. Manage and update UKM Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Manage and update PKK Social Media

Any application for UKM Official Social Media announcement and FB Live on UKM’s Official Facebook must be applied via email mediasosial@ukm.edu.my

Applications must be submitted at least 3 workdays before the event begins.

Any application of new information and updating the information on UKM Portal should be email to pkk@ukm.edu.my

Successful applications will be processed within 7 workdays.

  1. PKK Guidelines
  2. PTj website development
  3. Social media development
  4. Guidelines for uploading photos in website and social media

Contact Us

Mohd Noor Ramly
Information Technology Officer
Tel: +603 8921 4909/ 4254
Email: mdnoor@ukm.edu.my