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Corporate Production

  • Manage and oversee the publication of corporate communication publications namely the SENADA bulletin (in Malay), RESONANCE (in English) and HIT UKM (in English).
  • HIT (High value, Impactful, Top brand) is a digital bulletin that can be accessed via PKK’s official website. 
  • SENADA and RESONANCE is available in hard copy and as a digital magazine.
  • These publications focus on the best and most significant accomplishments, engagements and events of the university. 
  • The content of these publications crosses disciplines such as research, entrepreneurship, industrial networks, community service, community and teaching and learning (P&P).
  • These three publications serve as a means of disseminating information from the institution to the general public.


This division manages and operates UKM’s News Portal, Media Relations, and Corporate Publications; also assists in promoting UKM communities in the media, enhancing UKM’s reputation as a ‘Universiti Watan’.

UKM News Portal

Reporting on advancements in research, commercialization of research findings and UKM’s official activities.

Produce reports any news that occurs outside of campus that is related to UKM.

Produce campus news or interviews with UKM research experts

  • Research news will be forwarded to the respective researchers for evaluation prior to the publication on UKM News Portal.
  • A copy will be sent to the media to be published in mainstream newspapers (if necessary).

Providing captions for postings on UKM events on social media.

If the news or captions are provided by the organizers, Media Relations & Corporate Publications Division will proofread and edit before being posted on UKM’s News Portal and UKM’s social media.

Media Relations

  • Serve as a liaison between UKM and the media (print and electronic media) by sending out invitations for events that will take place inside or outside of UKM to give in-depth coverage.
  • Act as an intermediary between journalists and UKM experts/researchers for commenting on current events or research announcements. 
  • Publishing media releases about significant issues for information and media coverage.

Contact Us

Nur Haiqal Rawlins Una Abdullah
Senior Assistant Registrar
Tel: +603 8921 4908
Email: rawlins@ukm.edu.my

Asmahanim Amir

Publication Officer
Tel: +603 8921 4910
Email: asammar@ukm.edu.my

Murniati Abu Karim

Journalism Officer
Tel: +603 8921 4910
Email: murniati@ukm.edu.my