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The Centre for Corporate Communications (PKK) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia manages communications within the university community, such as students and academia, as well as with those beyond the campus, such as the public, alumni and the media. It was set up on 11 February 2010 under a restructuring exercise that saw the merging of the Public and Corporate Relations Office (PPAK) and the University Web Content Unit (UnikWeb).

Following the merger, the role of UnikWeb was expanded and it was renamed as UKM News Portal. It provides coverage of the research, innovation and commercialisation activities undertaken at UKM in the form of articles in text and video formats, which are uploaded on the Internet.

The restructuring was carried out in line with the upgrading of UKM’s status to a research-intensive university. Hence, a pressing need arose to disseminate widely the information about, and promote, UKM’s research, innovation and commercialisation activities not only to Malaysian society but also throughout the world through both conventional and new media.

Before the restructuring, PPAK was a division of the Centre for Corporate Planning and Communications  (PPKK) while UnikWeb was under the Information Technology Centre (PTM). The Public Relations Office that has been in existence since UKM was established in 1970 has undergone several changes and had often been a section under many other units.


PKK’s core function is managing events for UKM’s principal activities; undertaking the public relations and corporate communications aspects of all activities such that they portray UKM in a positive and beneficial way; draft the official speeches of the principal officers of UKM; publish UKM’s corporate publications Senada, Resonance and Hits; manage media relations; and entertain visits from external parties, especially students, to UKM. PKK also manages the Digital Board, Digital Bunting and the online information bulletin for the university community (Portal Ewarga).

Apart from that, PKK also coordinates the websites of the faculties, institutes and service centres throughout UKM.

The creation of the UKM News Portal and Web TV UKM further expands the functions of PKK as a one-stop communications centre that collates, publishes and widely disseminates its own news material.

PKK operates out of two premises: Level 2, Chancellory Building, and Level 1, UKM Press Building.


To strengthen UKM’s corporate communications


To highlight the excellence of UKM through effective communications

Quality Policy

Providing quality services and continuous  improvement in managing the university’s reputation for customers’ satisfaction and  expectation as well as the stakeholders

Motto: 3P

Professional, Proactive, Pleasant

Corporate Values

Professionalism, Team Work, Integrity, Graceful, Excellence Working Culture, Respectful, Trustworthy, Credibility


The main objective of the Centre for Corporate Communications  is to portray UKM as one of the advanced research universities in the country and prominently promote its values through the appropriate communication channels so that a positive and optimum impact is created for UKM