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The library provides reading area that can accommodate 1,633 clients at one time.

These zones are provided for those who need concentration on the study and located at level 3 and 5

There are three (3) seminar rooms that can accommodate 20, 30 and 50 clients at one time, and one (1) multipurpose room that can accommodate up to 150 clients.

These facilities are provided for library clients and suitable for video presentation and lecture session. Library clients who want to use these facilities can book a reservation at counter of Multimedia Unit, Level 2.

This facility can be used for training purpose and official event. This room is located at Multimedia Unit, level 2 and can accommodate 40 people at one time.

Carrel rooms are located at level 3. There are two (2) types of usage for carrel rooms. First, carrel rooms with daily-basis usage and it is free of charge. Second, carrel rooms that can be rented monthly.

The rental rate is RM10.00 with deposit of RM5.00. The process of registration and renting can be done at Journal Service Counter, Level 3.

There are eighteen (18) discussion rooms, three (3) are available at Level 4, ten (10) are available at level 3 and five (5) are available at level 2. These rooms are free of charge. Registration can be done online via discussion rooms booking system ( Library clients can get the discussion room key at the counter of respective level.

Registration for discussion rooms at level 2 can be done at counter of Multimedia Unit, registration of discussion rooms at level 3 at Journal Service Counter and registration of discussion rooms at Anjung Ilmu and Arabic and Islamic Civilization Collection at Borrowing and Returning Counter, Level 4.

This service is available at Multimedia Unit, level 2. Library clients can make printed copy or scan the information from microfilm or microfiche. Scanned information can be directly printed or downloaded into clients’ pendrive.

Downloading is free of charge while RM0.50 will be charged for printing. Thesis and scholarly research cannot be photocopied or downloaded.

Library clients can access the internet including online databases and e-mail. Typing and printing services are also available at this premise. CD-ROM also provided here.

This area is located at Tun Seri Lanang Foyer and it provides spacious reading area. Library clients can make use of this space for discussion because they are no allowed to make discussion in reading area unless in discussion rooms. Vending machine and Wi-Fi are also provided in this area.

This area is located at level 4 next to Reference Collection. It also can be accessed via Jalan Lingkungan Ilmu. It has spacious reading area and equipped with Wi-fi coverage. Kwik-print service is also provided in this area.

Anjung Ilmu PTSL can be used by all library clients. It provides two (2) discussion rooms that can accommodate eight (8) clients for every room and twelve (12) carrel desks equipped with power sources and Wi-fi.

It is located at level 4 and placed Tun Ahmad Sarji Special Collection. This space provides spacious reading area and suitable for discussion.

The library provides three (3) methods of locker rental:

  1. Free of charge self-service lockers
  2. Monthly rental locked lockers with RM5.00 rental fee and RM15.00 deposit
  3. Free of charge daily locker and can be registered at Checkout

Counter. Level 4. In- case of key loss:

  1. Monthly rental locked lockers, deposit is not refundable
  2. Daily locker, clients must pay RM50.00 to replace the lost key.

The library provides one (1) self-check machine for borrowing and returning the books. This machine is located at level 4.

The training lab can accommodate 35 clients at one time and located at level 4, User Education Unit. There is another training lab at siber@ptsl that can accommodate 40 clients at one time. User education and information skill courses are carried out at these labs.

This facility can be used for library’s official events and can accommodate around 150 people at one time. It is located at User Education Unit, level 4.

It provides basic facilities for visually impaired clients and located at level 4. One (1) computer equipped with JAWS software is provided in this room.

All levels in the library are equipped with Wi-Fi coverage.

The library provides café located at Tun Seri Lanang foyer. Clients can have a break to enjoy the food and drinks at the café due to no food and drink policy in the library.

The library also provides vending machine at 24 hours reading area for refreshment.

Surau Tun Seri Lanang is located at level 2 (outside library compound). There is one prayer room inside library building located at Journal Collection, level 3.

Others Libraries Around Campus

The Malay World & Civilization Library

The Malay World and Civilization Library (ATMA Library)

It was established in 1972 and the purpose of its establishment is to support the studies and administration of Institute of The Malay World and Civilization (ATMA). The idea of its establishment was appeared from ‘Documentation and Research Program’ that was drafted by the first former Director of ATMA, Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas. ATMA Library has taken the action by developing and enriching the library collection in the study area of The Malay World and Civilization from time to time.

ATMA Library formerly had 30,000 copies of material collection and the collection currently increased to at least 85,000 copies that include material purchase from local and foreign country. ATMA library has several material collections, namely General Collection, Reference Collection, Serial Collection, Special Collection, Rare Books Collection, Collection of N.A. Halim and Collection of Wiramanja.

ATMA Library is currently located at Level 2 and 3, ATMA Building, UKM. Since 2010, General Office of ATMA Library was placed at Level 1, whereas Material Returning and Borrowing Counter was placed at Level 3.


Dr. Abdul latif Library

Dr. Abdul Latif Library (PDAL Library)

Dr. Abdul Latiff Library UKM was established in 1974 with the intention to provide support in the processes of teaching, learning and research in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy. The library was known then as Medical Library and officially rename to Dr. Abdul Latiff Library on 25th November 2005.

Objectives of the establishment of this library are to develop the resources and to provide the services in medicine, health science, dentistry and pharmacy to support teaching, learning and research in UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus. The three storey library is comprised of a building with a width of 3,716 square meters and equipped with 400 reading places.

Law Library

The UKM Law Library 

The UKM Law Library was established as a unit in March 1985 in the Tun Seri Lanang Library. In June 1996, the unit moved to a new building located at the Faculty of Law. Since then, the unit has served as a branch with the main objective to support teaching, learning and research process in the Faculty of Law with the latest materials and collections in the legal field.

Our collection consists of books, statutes, legal reports, theses, journals and media collections. The law library also has a special collection such as Hooker Collections, YM Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen Collections and YM Raja Aziz Addruse Collections. The library also subscribes to a law databases such as Lexis Advance, Westlaw Asia, Lawnet On-Line Law Library, Heinonline, Current Law Journal and electronic books.

HCTM Library

Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz Library (PHCTM Library)

Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM) UKM Medical Centre (UKMMC) Library (HCTM Library) initially operated on the 14th July 1997 in accordance to the establishment of UKM Medical Centre with the aim to support the activities of teaching, learning and research in UKM Health Campus as well in supporting the information needs of medical professionals in giving treatment to patients in HCTM UKMMC. HCTM Library is located at level 3, Kompleks Pendidikan Perubatan Canselor Tuanku Jaafar, UKM Mediacal Centre, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

HCTM Library commits to upgrade its service to all its user whether academic staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students, medical professionals and non-medical staff. Besides, UKMMC Medical Virtual Library which was officially launched By His Honorable Minister of Education Malaysia on 11th February 2000, was an initiative of the library to realize the concept of ‘Borderless Library’. This Virtual Library service is upgraded to be a portal that enables information sources in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences to be accessible through online as well as to be managed in more systematic, efficient and effective manner. This library portal can be accessed through URL address All users among UKM staff and students need to register online before using this service.

Second Curve Library

Second Curve Library

Second Curve Library was established in 2012 and started its operation on September 9, 2013. This library manages information resources and provides services to support teaching, learning and research in engineering, architecture, technology and information science.

The library is located at Second Curve, UKM in the same building with Academic Management Center, Human Resource Division and Student Finance Division. This building has seven (7) levels and the library is located at level 2 to level 5 with a width of 4,042 square meters

Preclinical Library

Preclinical Library

Preclinical library with an area of 10,000 square feet is located on Level 3 and 4 in Preclinical Building, UKM Medical Centre. The library started on 3rd November 2014, but the circulation service starts on 11th February 2015. Preclinical library is dedicated in providing services in the field of preclinical information such as Anatomy, Physiology, Parasitology & Entomology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Microbiology & Immunology.

On 17 January 2017, Acquisition and Cataloguing unit started its operation in Preclinical Library. There are five (5) supporting staff and two (2) librarians in this library. To date, there are nearly 5,000 copies of the material in this library including general collections, thesis and bound journals.

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