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Master of Business Administration


Whilst strongly grounded in academic theory, the MBA emphasizes on practical learning where industry relevant knowledge transfers provide real management solutions and techniques for the MBA Graduates to apply in their respective Organizations.

Doctor of Business Administration


The breadth and depth of the knowledge expected of DBA graduates are reflective of our commitment to excellence – offering opportunities to pursue and uncover knowledge within business, management, finance fields and other related areas.

Doctor of Philosophy


Our PhD programme equips candidates with Research Methodology courses to ensure that relevant knowledge, concepts, theories, and skills be equipped to groom our future thinkers for innovative ideas and solutions at the frontiers of knowledge.


Applications closed by 30 July 2021


What they say
  • Our MBA classrooms were conducive to facilitate rich, flexible and open-minded interaction among students and lecturers when discussing practical case studies. I benefited greatly from the education given and now I realise that there is so much more I can do after graduating from UKM-GSB.

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    Choon Ching Ju
    Alumni MBA 2018
  • As a medical doctor and a healthcare administrator, the MBA programme trajectory has undoubtedly boosted both my professional and personal development; entailing opportunities for broader exposure, organizing events and having the privilege of meeting prominent corporate individuals.

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    Alumni MBA 2018
    Dr. Ebner Yoon
    Alumni MBA 2018
  • In a nutshell, pursuing MBA at UKM GSB has proven to be fulfilling with the vast diversity of professionals, industry driven and qualified members of faculty and the well packaged course module offered. Very pleased that I have successfully achieved my course and it has inspired me to keep learning.

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    Arveen Kaur
    Alumni 2016
  • I chose UKM GSB for some reasons. Firstly, the one year full time course suits me well. I guess I wouldn’t want to suffer more than one year in the classrooms but one year, I guess I could give it try. Secondly, I love MODULAR concept. You finish one by one, not cramping everything at the end of the semester. I love it.

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    Alwi Adam
    Alumni 2017
  • With 16 years of working experience in the industry and the government environment, I find that every day is a day of learning and here with UKM GSB, they are preparing you to be a doer and a thinker at the same time. And of course, you must enjoy what you do in order to produce the best result.

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    Ismamuradi Abdul Kadir
    Alumni 2017
  • Learning under the supervision of experienced lecturers is the best part of this journey. They did not only conduct classes as part of requirement, they taught me knowledge beyond books and the realm of business administration which made the entire journey of MBA, practical and knowledgeable.

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    Divaan Rau Venugopal
    UKM GSB Alumni 2016
  • Studying at UKM-GSB has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me. Not only did it broaden my international horizon due to GSB’s multicultural, open and dynamic atmosphere, but also it empowered me to transform my career to higher management role because of the commitment of GSB to provide the highest standard of education in the region.

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    Long Fei
    Alumni 2014
  • Through the practical projects and extracurricular activities, the lecturers empower the students to go beyond their limits. The friendly and helpful staffs are always ready in providing information and facilitating the students. The purpose is to help students striving not only in academic achievement, but also in personal development which will be advantages in achieving career goals.

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    Millatina Urfana
    Alumni 2017
  • Throughout my MBA journey, I have gained deep understanding of enough business theories and their applications in the real business world scenarios. Beautifully, the faculty did not merely focus on lecture-mode syllabus but also give equal importance to active learning of project management, training mode, and other activities.

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    Geethe Nadesan
    Alumni MBA 2016

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