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Student Guide

International Postgraduate Students Guide

UKM welcomes you to pursue your study and achieve your dream to obtain your postgraduates degree. It is an excellent place for you to begin your research journey and also to make new friends from all over the world. UKM looks forward to welcoming you.

UKM is a comprehensive university offering the postgraduate students a diverse spectrum of courses, wide selection of programs with multidisciplinary approaches that will enhance your students experience at UKM. Students who enter UKM will be able to obtain well-rounded knowledge and comprehend transferable skills. Alongside with the faculty members who have an international reputation for research excellence in many fields, you will be able to build collaboration in research globally and across national borders transcending across disciplines. Some of these collaborations will provide opportunities for you to work towards your higher postgraduate degrees conferred jointly with UKM and a partner university abroad.

UKM main campus is situated in Bangi, a green surrounding campus with traditional red bricks buildup which welcomes you upon your registration at the campus. It is situated 45 minutes away from KLIA, the international airport, accessible to you via road and rail transport.

The campus provides present-day standard facilities such as health centre, cafeteria outlets, sports centre, mini stadium, Olympic size swimming pool, and sundry shops to assist to your basic needs while in campus. The Bangi city, on the other hand, complements your living needs by providing the contemporary state of the art facilities such as shopping malls, multinational eatery outlets, sports centres, movie theaters, bowling alley, modernized hospitals, and well connected public transportation system. The city is lively during the day and calm at night will provide you an environment for your learning endeavor in UKM ideally.

Visa Approval Letter
International candidates have to apply online for their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) through UKM via upon receiving offer letter from UKM. It is advisable to apply VAL minimum 6 – 8 weeks before registration date.

New Student Pass Application

  1. Once the candidate received the VAL, kindly proceed to the stated Malaysian Embassy in the VAL for application of Single Entry Visa (SEV).
  2. Upon receiving the SEV, the candidate can make arrangement to come to Malaysia.
  3. The Malaysian Immigration Department at the entry point will stamp a “Journey Performed” on the SEV and grand a special pass for 30 days by providing the offer letter, VAL and SEV page.
  4. The candidate must attend to University Health Centre for the medical examination within 7 days upon arrival in Malaysia and submit the passport for a student pass sticker endorsement to International Student Service Division, Level 7, PUSANIKA Building, UKM within 21 days of the arrival date.


Student Pass Renewal Application
The students are advised to submit the application for student pass renewal 3 months before the student pass expiry date. The delay of renewal process may cause the student to apply for special pass* and incur extra cost. The students are only allowed to submit their passport for student pass renewal when the student pass expiry is less than 2 months.

Student Pass Transfer Application

  1. The students must always ensure their passport validity is more than 13 months before they started the student pass renewal application. Any passport validity is less than 13 months, the students are required to extend or renew their passport beforehand.

  2. Once a new passport is issuance by the embassy, the students must undergo a process of transfer of the current student pass from their old passport to their new passport.

  3. Any passport damage / lost will also require the students to obtain a new passport from their respective embassy.

Student Pass Cancellation Application

  1. The students are required to make cancellation and return to home country upon deferment / termination / withdrawal from UKM. Failure of cancellation during deferment / withdrawal / termination may affect your future application with Malaysia Immigration Department.

Usually, a “campus” refers to an institution or an organization. At UKM, it’s a way of life. Explore more

Living costs in KL are relatively affordable, depending on your lifestyle and the area where you choose to stay. For a university student, besides tuition fees, there are other factors you need to consider before you decide to study in Malaysia. It may vary depending on where you live. For example, living in the heart of the city, Kuala Lumpur is slightly more expensive than living in Bangi. Below, we provide a table for a guide in general.

Cost of living


Kuala Lumpur

Apartment rent

RM1000 – RM1500

RM1000 – RM2000




Groceries / food / eating out



Personal expenses / clothing / books







Kuala Lumpur is a city full of attraction. Tourists find this city engaging with a lot of activities to do. What usually comes to their mind are magnificent skyscrappers like Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower, high end shopping complexes in Bukit Bintang, and a magical lake garden for those in need for a break– Perdana Botanical Gardens. Cheras is also famous for eateries and glittering food trucks at night. Students in UKM Campus at Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz can also find delicious foods around Kampung Baru. Even those in Bangi will find attraction like Cempaka Lake Garden and IOI City Mall for hanging out with friends.

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