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UKM Campuses

Life at UKM goes beyond the classrooms. It’s an enriching journey filled with discovery, excitement, colourful experience and future hope. Make the most of your experience here at the campus by immersing yourself into the culture of the academic and research world by connecting with others, and finding support for your future advancement

Residential Colleges
Research Institutes

Our Campus

Since its establishment on May 18, 1970, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has not only fulfilled the vision of its founding fathers to accord Bahasa Melayu as the language of learning and scholarship but has also successfully produced intellectuals and scholars who are among the nation’s pride.

Starting out with only three faculties, it has since grown into 13 faculties, 12 institutes of excellence and two commercial entities, UKM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and UKM Technology Sdn. Bhd. It has thus grown not just in size, but also stature, becoming a research institute in various fields of study including operating various research centres.

Aware of the changes taking place in the academic landscape, UKM is taking steps to address them. One, is through e-Learning to prepare students through innovative teaching and forward–looking curriculum to meet demands of the new economic needs. Secondly, it nurtures research to provide solutions to pressing problems and at the same time engage with the community and industry, as a sustainable development initiative both at the national and international levels.






Bangi Main Campus

UKM main campus is situated in Bangi, a green surrounding campus with traditional red bricks buildup which welcomes you upon your registration at the campus. It is situated 45 minutes away from KLIA, the international airport, accessible to you via roads and rail transport.

The Bangi city, on the other hand, complements your living needs by providing  the contemporary state of the art facilities such as shopping malls, multinational eatery outlets, sports centres, movie theaters, bowling alley, modernized hospitals, and well connected public transportation system. The city is lively during the day and calm at night will provide you an environment for your learning endeavour in UKM ideally.

Cheras Campus

The second campus is located in Cheras. This is where the Faculty of Medicine is located alongside with its teaching and learning hospital, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM). The faculty also stands next to the UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI). Kolej Tun Dr Ismail is located in Cheras Campus.




Faculty Jalan Raja Muda Abd Aziz Campus

UKM also has a campus in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur with an area of 20 hectares which houses the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Institute of Ear, Hearing and Speech (I-HEARS). Most of the students from these faculties reside in the residential college – Kolej Tun Syed Nasir.

Campus Map

Learn your way around campus before you getting here for the first day.

Alumni or visitors  who want a bit of nostalgia, or who are coming back for an alumni weekend or a special event, you can find great utility in campus maps


UKM has 2 hospitals located at the Kuala Lumpur Campus, namely The Chancellor Tuanku Muhriz Hospital (HCTM) and the Children’s Specialist Hospital located next to HCTM.

Living Labs

Living labs are UKM’S satellite learning and research centres, strategically loacted at Tasik Chini, Fraser’s Hill, and Lata Jarum at Pahang; Mersing and Sungai Pulai at Johor; Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark at Kedah; and UKM Bangi Permanent Forest Reserve on campus.

These living labs are open to visitors who get to see the conservation efforts to the environment, plants and animals by UKM’s scientists and researchers.


UKM library consisted of Tun Seri Lanang Library as main library and has six (6) other branches; Law Library, Malay World and Civilization Library, Second Curve Library (Bangi), Dr. Abdul Latiff Library (Kuala Lumpur Campus), Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz Library and Preclinical Library (Cheras Campus).

Interesting Places inside UKM

UKM has many interesting places that can be visited by visitors and parents while visiting their children at UKM. Among them are the Animal Museum, Fern Garden, Chocolate Laboratory and many more. Let’s come and visit UKM while learning the origins of UKM as a university built as a result of the idea of the people who aspire a national university.