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Bachelor of Economic with Honours


The Bachelor of Economics (BE) offered by the Faculty of Economics and Management, UKM is the pioneer among economics programs in Malaysia that has produced many well-known and prominent economists in the country. This programme is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in the field of economics that allows graduates to apply economics-related knowledge in organisational planning, policy development, research and decision making in organisations. Focus areas include international and industrial economics, monetary and fiscal economics, econometrics, economic development and Islamic economics. The curriculum developed aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable about current economic issues and able to generate new ideas in planning and decision making, based on economic theories and principles. Students enrolled in the programme will get to learn from lecturers and experts who are highly experienced in the subject matter. They will experience up to date teaching and learning approaches and curriculum that are relevant to the current economic environment. Apart from that, students will benefit from industrial engagements and have the opportunity to participate in various mobility programmes, field trips and industrial visits that increase learning, networking, and career development.

Programme Requirements

Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) APEL.A Certification Level 6 of the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF);


Obtained at least a Band 2.0 in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for exams beginning in session 1 of 2021 OR a Band 2 for exams up to the year of 2020, depending on the validity period at the time of application;


Pass the exam or interview that the faculty has set up.

MUET Band 2.0

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I Want to Apply

Applications for full time study programmes (STPM, Matriculation, STAM and Diploma/ Equivalent) must be submitted via Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education Online Application. Applications for studies in all the programmes offered are published in local newspapers between the month of January to April every year.

Application form for Malaysian students: http://upu.mohe.gov.my

Non-citizen and international student candidates who are interested in enrolling for the full time study programmes must submit their applications via UKM online application opened in February to May every year.

Application form for non-citizen and international students: Click here

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Please contact Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center at:

Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center (UKMSHAPE)
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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

Tel: +603 89215331/ 5642/ 5329/ 5898/ 3995/ 4661/ 5642/ 5791
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Web: www.ukm.my/ukmshape

What You Will Learn

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Life at Faculty

Faculty of Economics and Management was established on the 1st of January 1974 and is among the earliest faculty in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The location of FEP is strategic; located at the heart of UKM, the center of activities which is near to residential colleges, Tun Sri Lanang Library and Pusanika that offers facilities to UKM communities such as postal, book shop, bank, café and others. The faculty also offers mobility programs with our university partners to FEP students such as Solbridge University (Korea), Gothernburg University (Sweden), Osaka University of Economics and Law (Jepun), Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia) and others. Besides academic activities, students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities conducted by student associations and clubs i.e FEP Students Association, Entrepreneurship Club and others.  Many interesting educational visits and field trips in Malaysia and also overseas will be conducted by the lecturers to fulfill course requirements.

Faculty Information

Campus: Bangi, Selangor
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Management
Degree: Bachelor of Economic with Honours​
Duration: 3 Years 

Faculty of Economics and Management
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

Tel: +603 89213954/ 3750
Fax: +603 89251821
Email: rafida@ukm.edu.my
Web: www.ukm.my/fep

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