Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment

Bachelor of Electric and Electronic Engineering with Honours


The electrical and electronic engineering (E&E) engineering sector is an important contributor to the national economy, providing 522,000 jobs today that will revitalize to additional 157,000 jobs by year 2020. The E&E engineering programme has been developed to realign with the national requirement to have nationally aspired, competent, valuable and innovative graduate engineers.

In the first two years of study, students will profess the basic knowledge and skills required in the electrical and electronic engineering field through core subjects such as circuit theory, analog electronic, digital electronic, electromagnetic wave, programming language and computer aided design. 

Towards the end of study, the program emphasizes on four specialized tracks in which the students are free to choose: i) Electrical power track ii) Computer and control track iii) Telecommunication track and iv) Microelectronics track.

Elementary subjects related to mathematics, physics, soft skills and entrepreneurship are also introduced throughout the years to produce competent, valuable and innovative students with national aspiration.

Programme Requirements

Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) APEL.A Certification Level 6 of the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF);


Obtained at least a Band 2.0 in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for exams beginning in session 1 of 2021 OR a Band 2 for exams up to the year of 2020, depending on the validity period at the time of application;


Pass the exam or interview that the faculty has set up.

MUET Band 3.0

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I Want to Apply

Applications for full time study programmes (STPM, Matriculation, STAM and Diploma/ Equivalent) must be submitted via Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education Online Application. Applications for studies in all the programmes offered are published in local newspapers between the month of January to April every year.

Application form for Malaysian students:

Non-citizen and international student candidates who are interested in enrolling for the full time study programmes must submit their applications via UKM online application opened in February to May every year.

Application form for non-citizen and international students: Click here

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Please contact Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center at:

Shaping Advanced & Professional Education Center (UKMSHAPE)
Level 2, Bangunan Wawasan
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi Selangor

Tel: +603-8921 5331/ 5642/ 5329/ 5898/ 3995/ 4661/ 5642/ 5791
Fax: +603-8925 1391

What You Will Learn

LMCK1621 Etika dan Profesional (C1)
LMCE1062 Academic Interactions (MUET Band 3) (C2)
LMCE1072 Academic Literacy (MUET Band 4) (C2)
LMCE1082 Page to Stage (MUET Band 5 & 6) (C2)
KKKQ1123 Matematik Kejuruteraan I (Kalkulus Vektor)
KKEE1133 Fizik Untuk Jurutera
KKEE1113 Teori Litar I
KKEE1103 Kejuruteraan Berbantukan Komputer (C5)
LMCW1022 Asas Keusahawanan dan Inovasi
LMCXXXX2 Kursus Luar Fakulti (C6)
LMCXXXX2 Kursus Luar Fakulti (C6)
KKKQ1223 Matematik Kejuruteraan II (Aljabar Linear)
KKEE1123 Teori Litar II
KKEE1163 Bahasa Pengaturcaraan
KKEE1142 Makmal Elektrik & Elektronik I

LMCW2153 Penghayatan Etika & Peradaban
LMCE2082 Pro Talk English (MUET Band 3) (C2)
LMCE2092 Speak to Persuade (MUET Band 4) (C2)
LMCE2103 Advanced Communication Project (MUET Band 5 & 6) (C2)
KKKQ2123 Matematik Kejuruteraan III (Persamaan Kebezaan)
KKEE2123 Isyarat dan Sistem
KKEE2152 Makmal Elektrik & Elektronik II
KKEE2173 Elektronik Analog
KKKE2103 Pembelajaran Mesin (C3)
LMCW2143 Falsafah & Isu Semasa
KKEE2133 Medan & Gelombang Elektromagnet
KKEE2163 Elektronik Digit
KKEE2141 Makmal Elektronik Digit
KKEE2183 Teori Komunikasi
KKEE2113 Peranti Semikonduktor

KKKF3283 Etika Kejuruteraan dan Perkembangan Teknologi (C1)
KKKQ3123 Statistik dan Pengiraan Berangka
KKEE3113 Pengukuran dan Instrumentasi
KKEE3143 Mikropemproses dan Mikrokomputer
KKEE3123 Kejuruteraan Kawalan
KKKF3103 Pengurusan Projek
KKEE3153 Rekabentuk Sistem
KKEE3163 Pemprosesan Isyarat Digit
KKEE3133 Analisis dan Sistem Kuasa
KKEE3103 Optoelektronik
KKEC3103 Pengaturcaraan Berasaskan Objek
KKEC3113 Sistem Terbenam
KKET3103 Komunikasi Data dan Rangkaian Komputer
KKET3113 Kejuruteraan Gelombang Mikro
KKEM3103 Teknologi Pembuatan Litar Bersepadu
KKKF3066 Latihan Industri (Intersession)

LMCE3061 Corporate Storytelling (MUET Band 3) (C2)
LMCE3071 Professional Communication (MUET Band 4) (C2)
KKEE4142 Projek Ilmiah I
KKEE4113 Elektronik Kuasa
KKEE4103 Mesin Elektrik, Pemacu dan Aplikasi
KKEC4103 Rekabentuk Sistem Kawalan
KKEC4113 Pemprosesan Imej Digital
KKET4103 Antena dan Litar Berfrekuensi Tinggi
KKET4113 Rangkaian dan Keselamatan
KKEM4103 Rekabentuk VLSI
KKEM4113 Teknologi Peranti Termaju
KKEM4123 Keboleharapan dan Pencirian Litar Bersepadu
KKEM4133 Teknologi Fotonik
KKEE4154 Projek Ilmiah II
KKEE4123 Ekonomi Kejuruteraan dan Perakaunan Kos (C4)
KKEE4133 Penjanaan Kuasa Elektrik, Penggunaan dan Voltan Tinggi
KKEC4123 Kualiti dan Perlindungan Sistem Kuasa
KKEC4133 Bioisyarat dan Analisis
KKEC4143 Sistem Kawalan Pintar
KKEC4153 Perkomputeran Selari
KKET4123 Sistem Komunikasi Optik
KKET4133 Komunikasi Radio dan Satelit
KKEM4143 Mikropemesinan Transduser
KKEM4153 Rekabentuk Litar Bersepadu Analog CMOS
KKEM4163 Sensor Termaju untuk Sistem Pintar

Life at Faculty

As one of the best universities in Malaysia, the department puts great emphasis on exciting and life-changing learning experiences for every student, filled with opportunities to challenge self-efficacy, a world-class mind transformation, and social experience in an ideal academic environment.

To achieve that goal, there are various opportunities given to students to involve in curriculum activities, co-curriculum activities, and student organization. These activities will give students experience in honing leadership talents, effective communication, teamwork skill as well as performing social responsibility activities.

Faculty Information

Campus: Bangi, Selangor
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment
Degree: Bachelor of Electric and Electronic Engineering with Honours
Length: 4 Years 

Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

Tel: +603 89118005/ 8001
Fax: +603 89252546

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