The Vice-Chancellor

YBhg. Professor Dato’ Gs. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ekhwan Hj. Toriman

DBNS., Geospatialist (Gs.)., P.Tech., BA (Hon) (UKMalaysia),. M.Sc (Manchester Univ)., Ph.D (Newcastle Upon Tyne Univ)., Doctor Honoris Causa (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)

Tel: +603-8921 5001 | Fax: +603-8921 4242 | Email:

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Vice-Chancellor Talk Book

The concept of TERAS demonstrates the values and principles that serve as the foundation for planning and implementing responsibilities of the UKM community. These values and principles should be present in all UKM’s initiatives and niche areas which will set the basis for strategic planning, formulation of workflow and the determination of Key Performance Indicator. It is aimed at developing a community that is committed to the University’s Philosophy in achieving the university’s mission and vision.

UKM’s vision states that the university is committed to being a leading institution that is ahead of its time in forming a dynamic, knowledgeable, and righteous society. Meanwhile, UKM’s mission highlights the institution’s role to uphold the Malay language and integrate international knowledge into the national culture. Both vision and mission serve as a guide for UKM community in shaping the direction, setting priorities, formulating strategies, and evaluating the effectiveness of UKM’s progress in all areas.

In carrying out these aspirations, TERAS values, which constitute the core foundation for UKM’s vision and mission, emphasize the importance of Talent, Ethics, Revitalise, Agile, and Soul in the university’s development.