FST Postgraduate


Biophysics is an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of physics to study biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. It involves the use of quantitative methods, including mathematics, computer modelling, and experimental techniques including X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electron microscopy, to understand the complex physical mechanisms that govern the behaviour of living organisms. Biophysicists study a wide range of topics, including the structure and function of biomolecules, the mechanics of cellular processes, the dynamics of biological systems, and the interactions between organisms and their environments. Biophysics plays a crucial role in advancing our understanding of fundamental biological processes and developing new technologies for healthcare, bioengineering and biotechnology.

FST experts

Prof. Dr. Faizal KP Kunchi Mohamed

PhD (Exeter)


Expertise: Radiation Biophysics & Nuclear Safety

Prof. Dr. Mohd Firdaus Raih

PhD (Sheffield)


Expertise: Bioinformatics, Molecular Biophysics, Computational Structural Biology

Dr. Doris Quay Huai Xia

PhD (University of London)


Expertise: Structural Biology (X-ray Crystallography), Molecular Biology, Computational Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

Dr. Lam Su Datt

PhD (University College London)

✉️ sudatt@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Structural Biology

Dr. Muhammad Asif Ahmad Khushaini

PhD (UKMalaysia)

✉️ asif@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Nonlinear Optics, Plasmonics, Quantum Optics, Computational and Theoretical Physics, Biosensors

Dr. Shevin Rizal Feroz

PhD (UMalaya)

✉️ shevin@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Biomolecular Interactions, Protein Biochemistry

Ts. Dr. Wan Nordiana Wan Abd Rahman

PhD (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)

✉️ wnordiana@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Medical Physics, Radiotherapy, Radiation Biology, Radiation Dosimetry, Nanomedicine