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The “It’s Time For Our River” CSR programme was held on 26 June 2022 at 8.30 am at the Friends of Langat River (FOLR) Recreation Site, UKM. This program has been sponsored by the Etika Company Group in collaboration with FST and FOLR.

The programme was attended by Dato Seri Ir Dr Zaini Ujang, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and President of Friends of River Malaysia (FORM), Prof Dato’ Ir. Ts. Dr. Othman A. Karim, Deputy President of FORM, Prof. ChM. Dr Ishak Ahmad, Dean of UKM’s Faculty of Science and Technology and officiated by Mr Santharuban Thurai Sundaram, Chief Executive Officer of the Ethical Company Group and Mr Nazurudeen Meerah Ghany, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Sustainability ambassador of the Etiqa Company Group.

A total of 300 participants consisting of FST students and staff, UKM eco-volunteers, Etiqa Company Group staff, FOLR Association, Indah Water Konsortium and CAVAdventures Association jointly carried out cooperative activities around the FOLR recreation area.

In addition, exhibitions were also held involving Centre for Insect Systematics (CIS), FOLR, Fun with Microbes and AiRBORNE Sense which uses drones to detect water pollution. Efforts to promote the research products of FST lecturers through mass media channels have been carried out on our website. Webinars and VLOG competitions have also been conducted and received favorable response. It is hoped that this program can foster public awareness and understanding of how important it is to care for and preserve the environment for the sake of future generations.

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The “Ocean Clean-Up” community program, organized by the Selangor State Government and the Marine Ecosystem Research Center (EKOMAR), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), UKM in collaboration with the Selangor Fisheries Department, was held on 29-31 May 2022 (in Pulau Redang, Terengganu) , 22-24 July 2022 (in Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu) and 1-3 September 2022 (in Pulau Tioman, Pahang).
Participation of this programme is limited to 30 participants. They consisted UKM’s divers, Selangor State Government’s divers, media participants, Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) participants and Malaysian Fisheries Department.

The community program was led by Mr. Mohd Shahrim Senik (Senior Science Officer, FST) and attended by Y.B. Tuan Haji Izham Hashim (Infrastructure and Agriculture Exco, Selangor State Government) as a representative of the Selangor State Government and YBhg Prof. ChM. Dr. Ishak Ahmad (Dean of FST) and YBhg. Prof. Dr. Zaidi Che Cob (Head of Marine Ecosystem Research Center (EKOMAR)).
The goal of this programme is to perform coral reef cleaning activities to remove Crown of Thorns (COTs) and marine litter, particularly ghost nets. In addition, our programme also conducts research on the effectiveness of using chemicals to eliminate COT thrush via research experiment performed at EKOMAR and hopefully publishes scientific papers.
Our initiative has contributed to the preservation and conservation of the coral reef environment from COT, which can harm corals. EKOMAR and FST genuinely hope that similar efforts will continue to preserve and conserve coral reefs.

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If you are interested to collaborate with us, please contact Madam Pzah  (0192896858, madampzah83@ukm.edu.my)